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June 27, 2020 - 3 min

New Classification of Our Details

Published by SOPREMA

We have created a new classification system that allows us to list our details along with their number.

The details are now all named in this format: SOPXXX-XX.
  1. The first number represents the building component.
    Examples: Roof [SOP1XX-XX] and Foundations [SOP4XX-XX]
  2. The second number represents a division specific to the category of the building in which it is classified.
    Examples: Conventional SBS [SOP10X-XX] and Pre-Applied Waterproofing (BSW) [SOP41X-XX]

  3. The third number represents the type of detail
    Examples: Rainwater Outlet [SOP101-XX] and Wall [SOP412-XX] 

  4. The last two digits are simply the detail number. If several details correspond to the same classification, we can therefore differentiate them. 
    Examples: Copper Drain – Self-Adhesive System [SOP101-05] and Blindside Waterproofing – Below Water Table [SOP412-03]


We recommend that you filter your search each time you select a filter; this will save you from having to look through our many filters.

Important note

If you use the search bar, you will not get results as this feature is currently not enabled for this section of the website.