Our production teams must ensure we utilize the best production practices. This means that beyond our efficiency and legislative compliance, we must manufacture our products responsibly by optimizing the use of resources and energy. In addition, we must make choices that help strengthen our ability to deal with dangerous events and disturbances.

Responsible production

  • Focusing on eco-efficiency;
  • Promoting industrial ecology;
  • Prioritizing green technologies;
  • Controlling process quality.

Resilient production

  • Ensuring a high-quality work environment;
  • Considering climate change;
  • Applying the principle of precaution;
  • Meeting our obligations.

Zero-Waste Target Plant

Did you know that our extruded polystyrene insulation panel plant located in Sherbrooke (QC) targets zero waste? As part of an eco-efficiency mindset, the manufacturing process is designed to minimize losses at the source and to efficiently reintroduce residues into the production cycle.

Valorization Between Our Sites

Several facilities in Québec send their paper and cardboard to the Sainte-Julie (QC) plant for the manufacture of our SOPRA-CELLULOSE insulating material. These are valorized in this line of products, which are made up of 85% post-consumer recycled paper and cardboard.

LEED Silver Certified Plant

Our polyisocyanurate insulation panel manufacturing plant in Drummondville (QC) has obtained a LEED Silver certification. In addition to being a benchmark building for our future development projects, it incorporates several energy efficiency measures. It also includes a heat recovery system and a 4,000 ft2 solar wall to complement the heating system.

Plant Integrating Lifecycle Analysis

In May 2020, SOPREMA completed the construction of its brand-new sealant manufacturing plant in Woodstock (ON). Covering an area of 10,015 m2, the building is also LEED v4 certified. The design team considered the building’s lifecycle as part of the construction project, unlike the other plants established in Canada by the company so far. 

Standard Requirements

Beyond laws and regulations, we comply with several standards and certifications that are recognized nationally and internationally.

Environmental management

Health and safety management

Quality management

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