Our procurement teams are encouraged to promote responsible procurement. To achieve this, they must manage the inventories needed for production intelligently and integrate environmental, social, economic and ethical requirements in the selection of suppliers of goods, products, and services.

Responsible procurement highlight

  • Managing inventories intelligently (materials and goods);
  • Prioritizing renewable energy sources;
  • Favouring low-emission equipment;
  • Investing in sustainable mobility;
  • Optimizing the use of packaging;
  • Selecting local and responsible suppliers;
  • Selecting responsible-certified goods and services;
  • Supporting social-economic partners;
  • Evaluating the performance of our partners.


A sustainable procurement approach was initiated in May 2022 within SOPREMA Inc. It consists of an annual evaluation of the suppliers of SOPREMA facilities in Canada according to several social and environmental criteria. The information collected is, moreover, used by the company’s teams both for the product development process in terms of eco-design, and for the evaluation of partners contributing to investment projects.


For the sake of transparency towards the partners and customers of SOPREMA Inc. the evaluation questionnaire that our suppliers must respond to annually is available on the company’s website. It also explains the attainable levels of maturity as well as their meanings for SOPREMA Canada.

Consult the questionnaires

If you are a SOPREMA Canada supplier and would like to complete this questionnaire, please refer to your contact within the company.


Two explanatory guides are available to facilitate the understanding of the questions and better define SOPREMA Inc. expectations of suppliers, whether it concerns raw materials or other goods and services. In addition to providing more examples, these guides identify several areas of improvement for suppliers.

Consult the explanatory guides

The guides are interactive and are used during the questionnaire completion process.


Developed in collaboration with the Espace québécois de concertation sur les pratiques d’approvisionnement responsable (Québec Responsible Procurement Practices Consultation Space [ECPAR]) in September 2022, SOPREMA Canada’s Supplier Code of Conduct brings together the best practices and values advocated by the company. As the topics covered are considered essential in all decisions made within the company, it is imperative that our partners become aware of them, in order to ultimately comply with them. All suppliers must familiarize themselves with the Code of Conduct annually.


Our SOPRALOOP collection and recycling service gives a second life to many residual materials such as polystyrene, glassine, paper and cardboard. Once collected, these residual materials are integrated into our manufacturing processes to give them a new life, particularly in certain insulation products.

Electricity from Renewable Sources

Did you know that our Canadian facilities use electricity mainly from a renewable energy source? This is more than 92% of our total electricity consumption.

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