Tapered Design for Commercial Roofing

The Only Canadian Polyisocyanurate Insulating Manufacturer With an Internal Slope Design Department for Commercial Roofing

Choosing the right tapered on a roof is essential because it will ensure adequate drainage and thus prevent the risks associated with the accumulation of stagnant water or ice.

At SOPREMA, a team of estimators and drafters is dedicated entirely to support you through the process, from conception to installation. The synergy of the tapered design service with the SOPREMA technical team provides comprehensive support for specifications and installation methods.

Tapered Insulation Designs Support

Optimized economical and effective tapered designs to simplify the installation and reduce waste on site.

Use of our standardized factory pre-cut panels to shorten production lead times and to simplify the installation.

Several custom options available for the same project according to your needs.

Support for Architects and Consultants

Problem solving, design recommendations and validation for any kind of roof design.

Preliminary drawings for pre-tender periods.

Budget evaluations and RSI/R-value requirements.

SOPRA-ISO and SOPRA-ISO PLUS Specialized Products

* All our specialized products are available with a glass-fibre-reinforced organic facer (SOPRA-ISO) and with a polymer-coated glass fibre facer (SOPRA-ISO PLUS)

** Products are available throughout Canada, and service is available in the provinces of Ontario, Québec, Atlantic and the Prairies.

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Consult our Complete Guide for information on all of our tapered products.

Consult our Installation Guide to learn how to properly fit your articulated precut crickets.

Quality Tapered Plans Worthy of our Reputation

Download an example of a tapered plan designed by our experts to better understand the added value of a tapered design department like SOPREMA’s.

Try Them, and You'll Like Them

See how our complementary products ensure efficient flow to the drain, thus reducing the risks associated with standing water accumulation.

Downloadable Documents

Download our R-Value scale to find the thermal resistance of your roof insulation.

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