Donations and Sponsorships

Policy, Eligibility Criteria and Application Form

Since its establishment in Canada in 1978, SOPREMA Canada has supported communities in a variety of ways to contribute to their social and economic vitality. The company has seen a sharp increase in the number of partnership requests in recent years. To ensure efficient and fair processing of these requests, a dedicated Donation and Sponsorship Policy has been put in place.

To be eligible, applications must be aligned with one of the three areas of involvement described below.


Refers to actions or causes contributing to ensuring access to learn while promoting training and knowledge development focused on sustainable construction. Educational establishments, seminars, forums, conferences, scientific studies, scholarships as well as university or college projects related to architecture, engineering, chemistry and building science are some examples. 


Refers to actions or causes contributing to protecting the environment, to preserving biodiversity or to promoting sustainable construction. The project contributes to making green infrastructure more resilient or enhancing the environment for the benefit of current and future generations. Protected natural areas, site rehabilitation, urban greening, sustainable buildings and phytotechnologies are some examples.

Construction of NPOS

Refers to actions and causes of Non-profit Organizations (NPOs) wishing to build or renovate a building or essential facilities in order to carry out their activities. The mission of the NPOs must be social or environmental. Youth centres, food services and accommodation centres for vulnerable populations as well as the development and infrastructure of parks or protected areas are some examples. SOPREMA Canada favours contributions in the form of products and services

As a general rule, the applicant must comply with the following:

  • Represent a group of individuals or a non-profit organization (NPO) holding official status, including a recognized registration number, except for recognized educational institutions.
  • Demonstrate that the project includes activities or support a cause relating to one or more of the preferred areas of involvement, i.e. education, the environment, or construction for NPOs. 
  • Demonstrate that the project integrates environmentally responsible practices. 
  • Complete the online application form and provide the documentation required for the evaluation of the application.
  • For a request made by a permanent employee of SOPREMA Canada on their own behalf, the applicant must refer to the Policy on the Refund of Registration Fees for a Sporting or Philanthropic Activity.

As a general rule, a request will be denied for the following reasons:

  • The application is submitted by an individual for personal or profit-making purposes.

  • The project or activities take place outside of Canada.

  • The project or activities are linked to a pressure group, a religious group, a sports competition, a sports team, an athlete, school sports or political activities, a political party or a candidate belonging to a political party.

  • The project or activities are related to health care or support health research in setting such as hospitals, disease foundations, or school health activities.

  • The project or activities do not respect SOPREMA Canada’s values or may compromise the company’s image.

  • The project or activities are intended only for entertainment or cultural events, such as festivals, shows, cinema screenings, vernissages, or school activities of a cultural nature.

  • The project or activities of the organization have a mission or financial situation that gives cause for concern.

  • The project or activities of the organization do not align with one of the preferred areas of involvement mentioned in this Policy.

  • The application is submitted without following the established procedure or requirements.

  • The application is submitted after the project has been completed.

Support to Universities

SOPREMA supports a large number of universities and research centres in their major development projects. The company notably donated one million dollars for the construction of the UQTR Campus in Drummondville, Québec.

Student Scholarships

We are proud to contribute to the future of the next generation by awarding the Leaders of Tomorrow scholarship to students in the construction and architecture industry across Canada. Our commitment to education is reflected not only in this scholarship, but also in our participation in technical conferences offered to students throughout their school career.

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Applying for Donations and Sponsorships

In order to process requests efficiently, please complete the form below. Our committee will evaluate your request at its next monthly meeting. Please allow approximately one month for a response. Whether your request is approved or declined, you will receive a notification by email.

Please read the Donations and Sponsorship Policy before completing the form.

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