Installation techniques

Our teams supporting construction professionals during the installation of products ensure that assembly is carried out correctly. They are also encouraged to take initiatives promoting the adoption of sustainable installation techniques on construction sites.

Sustainable installation techniques include the following

  • Optimizing installation techniques;
  • Ensuring the quality of the installation;
  • Exceeding health and safety requirements;
  • Preventing the different forms of pollution;
  • Considering the 4R principle (reduction, reuse, recycle, and recovery);
  • Increasing the resilience of the construction sector.

Safer Installation

With the constant concern for raising industry standards and ensuring worker safety, we now recommend flameless solution assemblies from the deck up to the base sheet membrane on all types of structures.

Training for Installers

In addition to providing technical support, we have an extensive training program for construction workers who specialize in installing roofing and building envelope products. Each year, thousands of installers complete courses at one of our nine Canadian training centres.

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