Vegetated Solutions

SOPREMA offers complete and effective solutions for all your stormwater management and vegetative projects

Vegetated solutions for mineral surfaces offer many economic, environmental and social benefits to building owners as well as communities.

Whether by reducing heat islands, managing rainwater, reducing air pollution, or improving the energy efficiency of buildings, green roofs are a beneficial choice for many reasons.

Systems — Vegetated Solutions and Rainwater Management

Systèmes extensifs pour toitureSystèmes extensifs pour toiture

Extensive Systems for Roofs

SOPRANATURE® extensive roofing systems are perfect for reroofing projects or large surfaces since they are lightweight and require little maintenance.

Systèmes semi-intensifs et d’agriculture urbaineSystèmes semi-intensifs et d’agriculture urbaine

Semi-Intensive and Urban Agriculture Systems

Semi-intensive and urban agriculture systems are ideal for buildings that can accommodate heavy loads and offer a greater diversity of aesthetic designs and vegetation.

Systèmes intensifs et terrasses au niveau du solSystèmes intensifs et terrasses au niveau du sol

Intensive Systems and Ground-Level Terraces

Intensive systems deliver better insulation and stormwater management properties in addition to offering great potential for biodiversity and human use for the covered surface.



The SOPRANATURE® TOUNDRA BOX is a versatile green roof solution. The trays form an all-in-one extensive pre-vegetated system that allows you to save time and labour by being easy to install.

Featured Products

An Award-Winning Organic Farm on the Rooftop of the IGA Duchemin

IGA Duchemin is the first grocery store in Canada to sell fresh organic produce harvested directly from its roof. Read all about this project, an initiative of La ligne verte - Toit vert, which won the Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Award of Excellence.

Projects — Vegetated Solutions and Rainwater Management

Our vegetated and rainwater management solutions are featured on many projects, each more impressive and innovative than the next. Discover our amazing green achievements!


Halifax Seaport Farmers’ Market

Port market

Halifax, Canada

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