End of Life

Focus on the 4R Principle

Our teams in charge of developing and monitoring our product performance must also be concerned about the end of life of our products, in particular in finding solutions to extend their useful life or in incorporating the 4R principle.

The 4R principle stands for

  • Reduction at the source;
  • Reuse;
  • Recycle;
  • Recovery.


As a form of reduction at the source, resurfacing increases the durability of the roofing system by adding a new finishing membrane over the existing waterproofing layer. In addition to reducing some environmental impacts in the medium term, it eliminates the need to transport residual materials to a landfill and the need to use new materials.

Case Study

Here is a case study on the economical, environmental and social benefits of the roof resurfacing project on the largest shopping centre in New Brunswick.

This first resurfacing carried out on a surface area of 175,500 ft2extended the life of the existing system by at least 25 years, reduced greenhouse gases associated with production and transport by 67% and reduced by nearly 50% the costs for the purchase of new materials.

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