Strategic Development


Being at the heart of our activities, our product development teams participate in the various integrated design processes. We count on ecodesign to drive progress at all levels. This means that in addition to quality and price, the solutions we develop aim to reduce the negative impact on the environment and human health.

Our approach also takes advantage of the following

  • Lifecycle analysis (LCA);
  • Green chemistry;
  • Bio-based materials;
  • Recycled materials;
  • Biomimicry.


While maintaining our rigour, we seek to innovate by integrating ecodesign into our product development processes. Improving social and environmental performances of a product becomes a distinguishing feature as important as their quality and price.

In fact, we focused on ecodesign to improve our SOPRA-XPS extruded-polystyrene insulation-product line.

Recycled Material Integration

In general, substituting fossil materials with recycled materials helps to reduce the consumption of natural resources at the source and to mitigate environmental impacts throughout the lifecycle of the products. Several SOPREMA products stand out for their high recycled content:

The recycled content in these products has been verified by an independent third party in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14020/21 standards.

Transparent Declarations

Since October 2017, we have published several transparent declarations on our products (Canada).

Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

We have disclosed 13 EPDs that summarize the results of lifecycle analyses. These documents are very useful for obtaining points for LEED v4 and v4.1 certification credits.

Health Product Declaration (HPD)

We have disclosed 60 HPD that synthesize information related to the effects a product can have on human health. These documents are very useful in meeting criteria of LEED v4 and v.4.1 certifications or WELL certification.


In order to promote the creation of healthier indoor environments, several of our products comply with GREENGUARD Gold certification requirements relating to chemical emissions such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These are the following products:

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