Discover our high-performance waterproofing solutions for your foundation projects

It is critical to protect the foundations from water infiltration to avoid cracking and other damage that would have subsequent repercussions on the building.

Whether it’s conventional foundations, blindside walls, or insulated forms, SOPREMA offers a wide range of high-performance solutions to protect the foundations of your buildings.


Solutions for Multihousing Buildings

Our solutions for multi-family building foundations provide a solid, durable base, ensuring the strength needed to support the weight of the building and its occupants.



Choosing SOPREMA is a guarantee of reliability.To attest to the unique performance of its products, SOPREMA offers you a complete warranty program that lives up to its reputation and expertise.

Projects Featuring Our Products for Foundations

Our products have been used in many projects and have stood the test of time by providing long-lasting protection against water infiltration and moisture. Discover the projects featuring our products for foundations.


HOpe Centre


Vancouver, BC

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