Exterior of the Museum of Contemporary Art

Case Study: Museum of Contemporary Art Waterproofing Project 

In anticipation of its relocation to the historic Tower Automotive Building in Toronto, the Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto was facing a pressing issue. As renovations began on the first five floors of the building that would house the museum, the presence of water leaks in the foundation walls became evident. With the scheduled spring 2018 opening looming, it was imperative to address this challenge swiftly. The museum’s valuable art collection had to be protected from potential water and moisture infiltration. 


To safeguard the museum’s priceless artworks, Kelso Coatings, enlisted by the general contractor and recommended by WSP, implemented the CN2000 waterproofing system. Applied to all foundation walls, existing and new elevator pits, mechanical rooms, and areas displaying signs of water infiltration, this innovative solution offers unparalleled defence against hydrostatic pressure, wet/dry cycles, and corrosion. By sealing the concrete structure while maintaining breathability, the CN2000 system ensures a dry and secure environment for both the museum’s art and its visitors for years to come. Furthermore, the environmentally friendly nature of CN2000 allowed seamless collaboration with other trades, facilitating timely project completion. 

Process and highlights: 

The elevator pit underwent meticulous preparation following a water infiltration check. All cracks and cold joints were meticulously U-grooved in preparation for the implementation of the CN2000 waterproofing system. Cold joints were treated with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring thorough coverage and protection. 

Project Description

  • Type of projet: Waterproofing

  • City: Toronto, Ontario

Project Group

  • Client: Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto