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Optimize the energy efficiency of your buildings with the tested and approved wall systems offered by SOPREMA

The overall energy performance of buildings is at the heart of designers’ concerns, whether for reasons of comfort, savings, or the environment.

Ensuring continuous insulation in order to limit thermal bridges, particularly in exterior wall assemblies, is essential.

This is why it is very important for SOPREMA to understand the interaction between the different materials contained in the assemblies in order to offer solutions designed to help you build better. We offer tools and solutions to professionals involved in the design and development of commercial buildings to support them in the construction of buildings with high energy value.

Featured Systems

SOPREMA wall assemblies contain the most effective combinations of products to optimize the durability and energy efficiency of buildings. They have been tested to comply with the National Building Code and can be adapted to all market needs.


ACS THERMAL CLIPS attach the cladding through the insulation without compromising the thermal efficiency of the materials. ACS THERMAL CLIPS are very efficient both thermally and structurally, thus limiting their impact on the overall performance of the assembly.

Projects Featuring Our BUILD BETTER Wall Assemblies

Our BUILD BETTER solutions have already made the work of many building designers easier. Discover the projects featuring our wall assemblies specially designed for superior energy performance.

Featured project

Old Crow Wellness Center

Government Building

Old Crow, Yukon

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