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Technical presentations across Canada to showcase the excellence of the construction industry

Each year, hundreds of construction professionals choose SOPREMA for the quality of its products and its personalized service.

SOPREMA experts make a point of continually disseminating technical expertise to architects, contractors, installers, building owners, and consultants by hosting conferences (lunch and learn) related to science, technology, and innovation. SOPREMA is more than a manufacturer: it is also a partner! Our team can come directly to your architectural office at your convenience.

Choose the topic that suits you according to your needs, and we will be happy to meet with you!

SOPREMA’s Corporate Presentation

Learn more about SOPREMA Canada's vision, mission and values as well as its products and services. You will discover much more than a manufacturer!

Sustainable Development

Learn more about the SOPREMA Canada offering in three presentations: its sustainable solutions, its sustainable development approach based on the life cycle of products, and its transparent declarations (LEED) to better guide your choices in the design, construction and operation of sustainable buildings.

Roofing Overview

This presentation will help you identify the best system for your roofing project by exploring the different constraints, technologies, and installation methods.

Flameless Solutions

Find out about systems adapted to construction sites where it is not possible to use a flame, such as hospitals and schools.

High Performance Membranes for Roofs

SOPREMA High-Performance roof waterproofing systems are designed to meet a basic criterion: sustainability. Discover all the options available to you!


Learn more about this single-ply waterproofing membrane made of biobased TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) polymer-modified bitumen. With a 40-year warranty, this innovative membrane stands out for its high performance and unparalleled durability.

Drone Services – MAMMOUTH ALTITUDE Warranty

The MAMMOUTH ALTITUDE Warranty is more than a warranty. Discover in detail the different services it includes: inspection and detection of water infiltration, infrared thermography, 3D modelling of buildings, and much more.

BUILD BETTER – ACS Thermal Clips and Protected Assemby

Learn more about building science and discover the tested and approved SOPREMA wall assemblies.


SOPREMA’s SENTINEL product line: Renowned quality and proven durability. Here is an overview of the main benefits of using SENTINEL membranes for your next project.

Laminated Panels

What is a factory-laminated panel? What are its benefits? What covers and insulation panels does SOPREMA offer for roofs?


SOPREMA has designed several vegetated systems that ensure waterproofing. With this presentation, you will discover the SOPRANATURE line and identify which type of green roof is best suited to your needs.

SKYWATER – Rainwater Management

SOPREMA is launching SKYWATER®, a full line of solutions that manage, treat and recover rainwater on roofs. Find out how SOPREMA contributes to addressing climate, regulatory and economic issues.

CSA A123.21

What is the CSA A123.21 standardized testing method for dynamic wind uplift resistance of membrane roofing systems? Do you know how to use it?


Learn more about SOPRASEAL, a series that includes all SOPREMA membranes used as air and vapour barriers for building envelopes.


Discover various insulation solutions: polyisocyanurate for walls and roofs, spray-applied polyurethane foam, extruded polystyrene, cellulose and mineral fibres.


SOPRA-SPF 200 is designed for commercial, industrial and residential insulation applications, on exterior walls, interior walls and foundations. Learn more about this spray-applied polyurethane foam.

Foundation and Plaza Deck Solutions

How to choose the right membrane or system for waterproofing and insulating foundations and plaza decks? This presentation reviews all the questions you need to ask yourself to make an educated choice.

Balconies and Plaza Deck Solutions

SOPREMA offers a variety of liquid waterproofing technologies for balconies and plaza decks. Discover our systems based on single- or two-component polyurethane, or PMMA.

Civil Engineering, Parking Decks, and Floors

Our different technologies, such as bitumen, polyurethane, PMMA and epoxy, have various characteristics that meet specific needs: price, drying time, installation complexity, etc. Discover the best solution for your projects.

Flooring Solutions

SOPREMA offers a full range of flooring products dedicated to industrial and commercial projects. Discover the right technology according to your needs. 


Did you know that SOPREMA offers a wide range of products related to soundproofing? These products are designed for floors, ceilings, walls, and drain piping.

New Products

Discover new SOPREMA products made available to you recently.


Discover our complete line of high-performance products for the maintenance of all types of agricultural facilities. Whether it’s a question of floor protection, insulation or waterproofing, we have the right solution for all your projects.


Too often, warranties do not protect as much as expected. SOPREMA can help you understand the “fine print”.


Training for Installers

Did you know that SOPREMA offers several practical and theoretical training sessions developed specifically for installers, all across Canada? Discover all the training courses available!

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Our team can come directly to your architectural office at your convenience.

Choose the topic that suits you according to your needs.

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