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The MAMMOUTH ALTITUDE Warranty includes comprehensive inspections and thermographic analyses carried out using a drone at several key moments throughout the service life of the roof in order to ensure its durability.

How Does This Smart Approach Work?





Services Included With Our Warranty

MAMMOUTH ALTITUDE is more than a warranty on materials and labour. Yes, it includes the replacement of the defective membrane in the event that there is water infiltration caused by one or more defects in the SOPREMA system components or their installation, but it also includes these valuable benefits:

Visual Analysis and Water Infiltration Detection

Drone analysis help to quickly locate and list deficiencies and to establish priorities for maintenance and repairs to be carried out, which promotes the durability of your roof.

Infrared Thermography

The thermographic analysis can help discover heat loss, infiltration and deficiencies not visible to the naked eye, allowing quicker repairs and preventing the problems from worsening.

3D Modelling of Building to Scale

Orthoimages (2D) and 3D models are built from aerial images taken by a drone that can be georeferenced in any coordinate system, which allows you to create high-resolution 2D and 3D models of your building to scale. 

Warranty Monitoring  Report

At each inspection, you receive a report that includes the following:

  • The list and location of deficiencies;
  • The list of maintenance work to be carried out by the owner;
  • The list of repairs to be carried out by the roofer;
  • The thermographic analysis;
  • The location of damp areas (if applicable).

Access to the Customer Portal

The 2D and 3D models and images of the building are accessible through a web portal (DroneView) where you can manage all the information about your roof. This web portal, made available for free by SOPREMA, also allows you to take precise measurements of your roof, parapets and low walls (to the nearest centimetre in length, width and height) and to even calculate the slopes.

Drone Monitoring Sequence According to the Duration of the Chosen Warranty

Some of Our Satisfied Customers

“For nearly three years now, my team and I at Cascades have been fortunate to benefit from the drone inspection services and web portal.

The centralization and accessibility of the information make my work extremely more efficient. The amount of information available is astronomical, completely adaptive and 100% exportable in Excel format for our archives! I find it hard to imagine doing my job without this tool, and I certainly see a bright future for the management of our building inventory!”

Samuel Croteau

Architectural Technician Cascades

Here Are the Benefits You Will Receive From The

Quickly locating and listing deficiencies and establishing priorities for maintenance and repairs to be carried out, which promotes the durability of your roof.

Discovering heat loss, infiltration and deficiencies not visible to the naked eye thanks to infrared thermographic analyses, allowing quicker repairs and preventing any problems from worsening.

Saving time! A complete survey of the roof can be done in less than an hour instead of requiring several days of work.

Promoting efficiency and better preparedness thanks to the customer web portal, as it centralizes all your building and roofing data.

Accessing precise measurements of all your roofing elements to the nearest centimetre, thanks to 3D modelling. You can also measure slopes and the elements of your facades and parking decks.

Making AutoCAD plans of your roof more easily thanks to the access to your building’s scatter chart on the customer web portal.

Significantly reducing the future costs of drafting plans and specifications since the measurements will have already been taken for your entire building.

Updating your five-year investment plan according to the condition of your roofs using the drone surveys.

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