Farm Buildings Maintenance Solutions

Ensure the maintenance of your farm buildings with our solutions tailored to all your needs

We know how the agricultural sector has its share of challenges and requires substantial investments. That is why we want to help you with what we know best: buildings.

In addition to offering a wide range of professional solutions that will extend the life of your buildings, we provide you with a large distribution network, expert advice and enriching training, thanks to the strength of our two brands combined, SOPREMA and RESISTO.

Applications for Different Types of Buildings

Discover our full high-performance product line intended for the maintenance of all types of agricultural facilities, which combines the expertise of SOPREMA and RESISTO.

Agricultural buildings housing animals

Food processing buildings

Agricultural hangars and storage buildings

Silos (exterior)

Propane or natural gas tanks

Concrete manure or silage pits

Floor Protection

Whether it’s the barn, the chicken coop, processing areas, or warehouses, the floors of your farm buildings are exposed to extreme conditions that can adversely affect their durability and cause them to deteriorate sooner than expected.



Featured Project


Ferme Bazinet, Inc.

Our ALSAN FLOOR AGRI LIGHT protection system was installed in a single day. Its seamless finish and resistance to high-pressure washing and shovelling greatly facilitate the daily cleaning of this space.

Waterproofing Solutions

Our product line for metal protection and waterproofing provides optimal solutions for the overall protection of all your buildings, from the roof to the gutters, including doors and windows.

Sheet and Liquid Membranes

Adhesives and Sealants

Insulation Solutions

Good insulation of farm buildings is vital, especially when it comes to the living environments of your animals where a variation of only a few degrees can have serious impacts on their health and comfort.

Maintenance Solutions for Farm BuildingsMaintenance Solutions for Farm Buildings

Maintenance of Farm Buildings 

Consult our comprehensive offering of solutions for your agricultural facilities by downloading our brochure! From waterproofing to floor protection and insulation, we have the products you need to make your buildings last a good long time.

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