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SOPREMA offers high-performance solutions for reflective roofing membranes with one of the highest solar ray reflection indexes in their category

Heat islands in urban areas are a growing problem every year.

This phenomenon can be explained, among other things, by the increased presence of asphalt surfaces and concrete buildings, which are made of materials that absorb heat. In addition to affecting the health and comfort of residents, this warming also impacts the aging of most materials used for roof waterproofing. 

The choice of roofing material plays an important role in the fight against the effect of urban heat islands.

Indeed, cool roofs are a solution capable of reflecting solar heat and reducing its absorption. This is due to the reflectivity and emissivity properties of the materials used, which reflect solar radiation back to the atmosphere.

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SOPREMA has developed various high-performance solutions to effectively deflect the sun’s rays from your roof.


SENTINEL, our line of high-performance PVC membranes for roofs, provides exceptional waterproofing protection thanks to its composition of 100% virgin PVC. In addition, its unparalleled flexibility allows for superior weldability in a wide range of environmental conditions.


SOPRASTAR elastomeric cap sheet membranes are covered with reflective granules and offer an SRI (solar reflectance index) of 90. They effectively reduce the temperature of the roofing system and increase its useful life.


ALSAN RS rapid-setting liquid waterproofing systems ensure the waterproofing of roofs, balconies, and terraces. These premium solutions are ideal for narrow areas where it is difficult to apply sheet membranes.

Projects Featuring Our Solutions for Cool Roofs

Our line of highly reflective membranes is a wise choice for many contractors and architects, particularly for construction projects in urban environments. Discover the projects featuring our products for cool roofs.

Featured project

Maison symphonique de Montréal

Concerts and shows hall

Montreal, Quebec

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