SOPREMA offers a complete range of reliable solutions to help you carry out your roofing projects

SOPREMA has distinguished itself since its very beginnings as an industry leader with its complete range of products intended for the development of better roofing systems.

Over the years, SOPREMA has designed and introduced the best technologies on the market, always with the objective of offering high-quality products. For each of your projects, we have the solution you need.

Featured Systems

We offer roofing solutions that are suitable for all types of construction, whether residential or commercial. Discover our roofing systems, and choose quality and durability for your project.

Did you know that you could reduce on-site installation time with our factory-laminated panels?

Solutions for Multihousing Buildings

Opt for excellence with our specially adapted solutions for multi-family projects.




Choosing SOPREMA is a guarantee of reliability.To attest to the unique performance of its products, SOPREMA offers you a complete warranty program that lives up to its reputation and expertise.

Tapered Design Service

Choosing the right slope for a roof is essential to ensure proper water drainage. At SOPREMA, a team of estimators and designers is entirely dedicated to supporting you throughout the process, from design to installation.

Expansion Joint Design Service - SOPRAJOINT PLUS

SOPREMA offers you a custom design service for expansion joints. Our team of experts takes the measurements from the plans or evaluates them on site. The products are thus prefabricated or custom-made to adapt to your needs.

Drone Services

We offer comprehensive inspections and thermographic analyses carried out using a drone at several key moments throughout the service life of the roof in order to ensure its durability.


Cool Roofs

SOPREMA offers high-performance reflective roofing membrane solutions with one of the highest solar ray reflectance indexes in their category!

CSA A123.21 Roof Assemblies

To help designers in their research, we have gathered in one place all of SOPREMA’s roofing assemblies tested according to the CSA A123.21 standard.

Flameless Solutions

Flameless solutions are perfect for all types of projects, but especially for those involving hospitals, schools, and food industry facilities where a flame is not permitted, or in situations where a roofing system is being installed over a combustible surface.

Projects Featuring Our Products for Roofs

Discover the projects of construction professionals who trust us year after year for our proven roofing expertise.


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