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Discover our wide variety of flameless products and systems for all types of roofing

Flameless solutions stand out for their performance and adaptability, in addition to being a safer option for workers and occupants, and better for the environment. 

They are ideal for all types of projects, particularly for the ones involving hospitals, schools, and food industry facilities where a flame is not permitted, or where a roofing system is being installed over a combustible surface.

“It’s been a while now since we decided to take part in this trend towards flameless solutions in the industry. As an essential and innovative player in the roofing sector, we care deeply about improving building construction and standards in our industry.”

Richard Voyer, Vice-President and CEO of SOPREMA North America.

A Shift Towards Flameless Solutions

With the constant concern for raising industry standards, SOPREMA Canada has chosen to promote and recommend flameless solutions on all types of roofing structures.

Featured Systems

After 20 years of scientific and technological developments, we can now offer you solutions that are just as effective as traditional systems, for all types of structures and for all seasons!

Exclusive: A Low-Temperature Product Line

SOPREMA offers a low-temperature version of some products in its flameless line. When the installation methods adapted to the temperature are respected, these SOPREMA solutions allow the installation in cold weather down to -10 °C (14 °F) of roofing systems.



The warranties for our flameless solutions are the same as those for our heat-welded products; they can go up to 20 years. To learn more, click here.

Yes. For reroofing, we recommend installing the new flameless cap sheet with a coldapplied adhesive such as COLPLY, COLPLY EF, or SOPRATACK. For recommended methods and installation steps, refer to Section 2.5 of the Roofer's guide.

Projects Featuring Our Flameless Solutions

Many industry players have recognized the benefits of using flameless systems in their construction. Discover all the projects featuring our cold‑applied products!

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