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Every roofing project has its own unique conditions. For some, those circumstances won’t permit traditional heat application process. This is particularly true for projects involving hospitals, schools, and food industry facilities where a flame is not permitted, or in situations where a roofing system is being installed over a combustible surface.

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For All Types of Buildings

This method of application can be carried out on all types of buildings, but it is particularly recommended for permanently inhabited or 24/7 production premises. It is essential to use a safe and VOC-free solution since it is impossible to close these institutions for renovations.



Historical Buildings

Food Processing Plants

Did you know that SOPREMA offers some of its flameless products in a winter version allowing installation up to 14 °F (-10 °C)?

The Benefits of Flameless Solutions

  • Roof membranes can be applied with fewer restrictions.
  • Contractors can save costs; the absence of open flames and hot kettles can lead to safer working conditions, potentially lowering the cost of project insurance.
  • Excellent membrane performance is achieved; flameless solutions are designed for high membrane performance.
  • The use of an adhesive between membranes can be considered as an additional waterproofing layer, depending on the product used.
  • Industry tested: flameless roofing systems are tested in accordance with the Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Standard A123.21.

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