Create an ideal living environment thanks to our complete line of soundproofing products

The acoustic environment of a building has become a major concern for homeowners, tenants and buyers alike.

The installation of a full soundproofing system for floors, ceilings, walls, and even drains, is the solution to reach optimal acoustic comfort. SOPREMA offers a full range of soundproofing products that meet or exceed building code requirements to create an ideal living environment for everyone!


SOPREMA offers solutions that can be adapted to all building components in order to improve the acoustic performance of your building.


Soundproofing of the walls reduces airborne noise, thus ensuring better acoustic comfort. Whether membranes, panels or cellulose, SOPREMA offers a wide range of high-performance soundproofing solutions for walls.

Ceilings and Floors

Floors and ceilings often transmit impact noise and airborne noise that are irritating to the occupants. This is why good soundproofing of these components is essential. Regardless of the structure or your budget, SOPREMA has a multitude of acoustic options for you!

Drains and Pipes

It’s easy to eliminate the noise caused by the passage of water inside the interior sanitary drainage pipes or storm drains thanks to our acoustic solutions.

Soundproofing Projects

Each year, more and more architects, contractors and building owners turn to our soundproofing solutions for increased acoustic performance. Discover the projects featuring our products.

Featured Project

L’Étoile Project

Residential building

Québec, QC

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