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Water leaks in concrete structures can be a real headache, leading to costly repairs and potential structural damage. But what if there was a solution that could prevent these leaks or permanently stop them from occurring throughout the lifespan of your concrete structures

Introducing the CN2000 product line: more than just a waterproofing system, it’s a long-lasting solution that creates a watertight seal for any concrete structure. Using a cementitious crystalline formula, CN2000 products not only prevent water leaks but also permeate deep into the concrete, unlike surface barriers. Renowned for its effectiveness on both positive and negative sides, CN2000 is a top choice in construction, offering unparalleled protection for your concrete.

Crystalline Waterproofing Technology

While traditional waterproofing methods only touch the surface, the CN2000 system’s innovative use of crystalline technology takes a different and unparalleled approach to reach new depths. When mixed with water and applied, it reacts with the matrix of the concrete and its moisture, forming microscopic crystals within the concrete’s capillary network to become an integral part of the structure. These crystals act like a self-healing defence system, permanently blocking water ingress while still allowing the concrete to breathe. Unlike surface coatings that wear down, CN2000 integrates with the concrete mass, providing lasting protection. 

Product Line

Advanced Features of CN2000: Setting a New Standard in Concrete Waterproofing

Unmatched Hydrostatic Resistance

Independent testing by Queen’s University’s Civil Engineering Department confirms CN2000’s exceptional hydrostatic pressure resistance. When applied to the negative side of concrete structures, CN2000 significantly outperformed similar crystalline waterproofing materials.  

  • Test results: The addition of CN2000 delayed water leakage by almost 22 times under an average water pressure of 3.3 MPa, equivalent to more than 1,100 ft of head pressure.

  • Industry standard: In comparison, similar crystalline products typically perform under an average head pressure of only around 460 ft. 

Double Duty Defence: Waterproofing and Anti-Corrosion

In addition to its outstanding waterproofing capabilities, CN2000 acts as an anti-corrosion shield, protecting reinforcing steel from waterborne chloride ions, a major cause of concrete deterioration.

Self-Healing Properties

Another standout feature of the CN2000 system is its ability to self-heal cracks. When exposed to moisture, the crystalline compounds can reactivate and grow, sealing any hairline cracks that may develop in the concrete over time. This self-healing capability ensures ongoing protection even under the most challenging conditions. 

Fast Curing Process 

Unlike traditional crystalline waterproofing methods, which require constant mist spraying for 2–3 days to cure, CN2000 offers a streamlined process. The need for mist spraying is eliminated by applying our CN2000 C and D products on top of the final CN2000 B crystalline coat, resulting in:

    • Reduced labour costs – CN2000 saves you significant labour costs by eliminating the need for dedicated personnel to perform mist spraying over several days.

    • Improved efficiency – Your construction schedule benefits from the faster curing time achieved with the CN2000 system.

    • Optimized workflow – By choosing CN2000, you can optimize your construction workflow and reduce project lead times. 

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Versatility Across Applications 

The CN2000 system is versatile and can be applied to various concrete structures, including basements, tunnels, foundations, hydro dams, wastewater pipes and tanks, manholes, sewage treatment plants, etc. Its versatility makes it a go-to choice for waterproofing projects of all sizes.

Superior Performance Comparison

When compared with other waterproofing systems on the market, the CN2000 system consistently outperforms traditional solutions such as membranes, coatings or even similar crystalline products. While membranes can suffer from installation errors or punctures, and coatings degrade over time, the CN2000 system provides a reliable and long-lasting solution that requires minimal maintenance.

Environmentally Friendly Solution 

Additionally, the CN2000 system is environmentally friendly, as it contains no harmful chemicals or solvents. Its eco-friendly composition aligns with today’s sustainability standards, making it a preferred option for environmentally conscious projects. 

CN2000 – The Ultimate Solution for Crystalline Concrete Waterproofing

In summary, the CN2000 crystalline waterproofing system stands out from the competition for its effectiveness, durability, superior hydrostatic pressure resistance, anti-corrosive and self-healing properties, versatility, as well as environmental friendliness.  

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This article was written by: Ron Lanagdana (President of Kelso Coatings) and Keval Gandhi (Business Development Manager ‑ Building Enveloppe, at SOPREMA)