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The SOPREMA flameless solutions applied to the roof of the Bowmanville Indoor Soccer field in Ontario resulted in substantial cost savings equivalent to a reduction of about two days of work and around 40% in labour costs related to the installation of the support panel as well as the base sheet membrane. Explore how these high-performance technologies have proven to be not only technically and energy-efficient, but also financially advantageous.


Built in 2004, Bowmanville Indoor Soccer (BIS), located in the municipality of Clarington, Ontario, is a sports facility featuring a 1,672 m2 (18,000 ft2) indoor soccer field, a community meeting room and offices.

In December 2022, the region was hit by a severe winter storm, causing significant damage to the roof due to strong gusts of 90 km/h. This situation forced the closure of the facility for almost two weeks, resulting in the cancellation of all programming.

To mitigate the damage, a temporary solution was put in place to waterproof the facility’s roof until spring, when more permanent repairs could be carried out. Following an assessment, it was determined that the storm had damaged 23% of the total roof surface, estimated at 2,601 m2 (28,000 ft2). Faced with this situation, the municipality decided to opt for a full reroofing of the upper part of the roof, which was carried out in autumn 2023. The work was contacted out to roofing contractor Masi Group Inc. and took just under three weeks to complete.

A Complete SOPREMA Flameless System Applied To The Roof

According to the roofer’s recommendations, a complete two-layer SOPREMA system, entirely flameless, was selected for its durability, efficiency (cost vs. time), easy maintenance and long-term energy performance

“I believe that SOPREMA offers the best two-layer systems on the market, whether for cold or heat-welded applications. We modified the specifications based on risk factors, time of year (weather) and productivity. Sometimes, the specifications are not optimal for the application, but SOPREMA offers many options for modifying a system while ensuring the same results and guarantees,” 

Martinho Ondas, foreman for 29 years at Masi Group Inc.

Benefits Of Using A Flameless System 

  • Simple and safe installation: The use of self-adhesive membranes offers peace of mind to property owners and occupants alike, thanks to their quick and safe installation. Indeed, flameless solutions don’t require bulky, costly and potentially dangerous equipment such as propane tools, which would have been inappropriate for this project. What’s more, the flameless, odourless system did not disrupt the indoor activities of the sports complex. 

Such a system is also more environmentally friendly, since it emits very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In addition, the favourable weather conditions during installation facilitated quick curing time of the ELASTOCOL STICK primer, contributing to equally rapid and effective adhesion of the SOPRASTAR STICK GR self‑adhesive reflective cap sheet membrane. 

  • Versatile: Flameless products offer unparalleled versatility and are suitable for all types of roofs, whether for new construction, reroofing or covering. For Bowmanville Indoor Soccer, it was the ideal solution for high-performance resurfacing, without any compromise on quality. 

  • Cost effective: The absence of open flames and hot kettles on the roof improves site safety and helps reduce project insurance costs.

Reroofing Was Completed Two Days Ahead of Schedule Thanks to the 2-1 SOPRASMART PANELS

With the use of 2-1 SOPRASMART ISO HD SANDED panels, the roofing installation was completed two days ahead of schedule.

These panels consist of a SBS polymer-modified bitumen base sheet membrane laminated to a high-density polyisocyanurate insulating support panel. They can be installed in a single step, all year round. They are a flameless solution renowned for their:

  • Speed of installation (two products in one);

  • Quality;

  • Durability;

  • Efficiency (insulation factor of R-2.5).

To demonstrate the efficiency and potential savings provided by SOPRASMART panels, a comparison was carried out to assess the time required for a similar job using a traditional system.

By deploying two roofers to install SOPRASMART panels on the Bowmanville Indoor Soccer roof, “it has been shown that the use of this product made it possible to finish the job two days ahead of schedule and, as a result, to reduce by around 40% the labour costs specifically associated with installation of support panels and the base sheet membrane,” says Sébastien Gauthier, Product Manager – Roofing at SOPREMA. “Over a three-week project period, this time saving of about two days proves significant, as it enables the team to start another project more quickly,” he adds.

These efficiency gains also translate into substantial savings on transportation and equipment (crane) fees.

6 Days of Work Saved for a 9,290 m2 (100,000 ft2) Roof

Based on the initial time saving of two days for 2,601 m2 (28,000 ft2), we could therefore expect a saving of around six working days for a 9,290 m2 (100,000 ft2) roof while maintaining the same efficiency. Therefore, 2-1 SOPRASMART panels are great allies when it comes to getting the job done faster and more efficiently. 

Why Choose a Soprastar Cool Roof?

Cool Roof waterproofing solutions are designed to reduce the heat absorbed by buildings by reflecting sunlight more effectively and emitting less heat. Their use counteracts the effects of urban heat islands and considerably improves thermal comfort for occupants.

SOPRASTAR STICK GR, a high-performance self-adhesive reflective cap sheet membrane, was applied to the Bowmanville Indoor Soccer Facility roof. It has a composite reinforcement and is covered with highly reflective white granules that offer a solar reflectance index (SRI) of 90, one of the highest in its class. “This feature not only significantly reduces the roofing system surface temperature (15 °C to 20 °C lower than other colours), but also increases its useful life by reducing heat absorption in the system,” explains Sébastien Gauthier. This membrane provides energy savings inside the building by keeping it cool during summer.

It should be noted that this membrane meets the requirements for LEED® SS Credit 7.2: Sustainable Sites – Reduction of urban heat island effect.


Winter Solutions

For low-temperature solutions down to -10 °C (14 °F), opt for SOPRASTAR GR FLEX.

A Strategic and Efficient Choice

In conclusion, resurfacing the Bowmanville Indoor Soccer roof proved to be a strategic and effective decision to quickly and efficiently restore this sports facility. “The service provided by SOPREMA, from start to finish, has been impeccable, and their team is easy and pleasant to work with, from the initial bid to the warranty application and completion,” emphasizes Martinho Ondas of Masi Group Inc.*

By opting for a complete flameless system from SOPREMA, the municipality benefited from a sustainable and more environmentally friendly solution, while reducing interruptions to indoor activities, thus offering peace of mind to the building manager.

In addition, 2-1 SOPRASMART ISO HD SANDED panels made it possible to speed up the installation process by two days and significantly reduce labour costs.

Finally, the application of SOPRASTAR STICK GR self-adhesive reflective membrane improved the building’s thermal comfort and energy efficiency, while contributing to the reduction of urban heat island effect.

Project Description

  • Type of solution: Waterproofing

  • Type of work: Reroofing

  • Resurfacing area: 2 601 m2 (28 800 ft2)

  • Work duration: From September 18 to October 6, 2023 

  • City: Bowmanville (Ontario) 

  • Use: Sports facility

  • System Warranty: MAMMOUTH PLATINUM 20 years

Project Group

  • Projet: Bowmanville Indoor Soccer (BIS)

  • Owner: Municipality of Clarington

  • Contractor (roofer): Masi Group Inc.

  • Architect: Barry Bryan Associates

  • SOPREMA technical representative : Mike Alexiou


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