Save Time and Money on Your Roofing Projects!

Our 2-1 SOPRASMART SANDED panels are a flameless solution that can be installed in a single step thanks to the lamination of the membrane to the support panel. They are great for worksites where the available labour is limited or for projects over a very large surface area!

Our SOPRASMART SANDED factory-laminated panels reduce installation time on the worksite. Therefore, they reduce costs at various levels.

Times savings

Labour cost saving

Logistics cost savings


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In order to demonstrate their effectiveness, we have tested our assemblies for you by comparing a conventional system worksite with a 2-1 SOPRASMART SANDED system worksite.

Download our infographic of this test which concretely illustrates, with figures, the savings in time and money from which you will benefit.

Traditional Installation

2-in-1 Laminated Panel Installation


Faster completion of roofing projects

Exceptional adhesion between components

Fewer workers required on the worksite

Installation possible all year round without temperature restrictions

Quality control and consistency due to factory production

Reduced risks associated with installation

Production by one of the main manufacturers of laminated panels – SOPREMA innovation

Panels equipped with DUO SELVEDGE technology

Did you know that all laminated panels are eligible for SOPREMA's PLATINUM warranty?

Time and money savings

In this era of labour shortages, the trend towards roofing systems that require fewer installation workers will help us face this problem. Increasing productivity to improve working time and reduce labour costs is now a priority in the construction industry. What would you say if the choice of products you use could help you overcome this challenge?

Factory-laminated panels are a great innovation that meets the demand for a more efficient installation. They offer a solution to one of the most pressing needs of our industry: time and labour savings.

Installation possible all year round

The ability to work all year round and to eliminate seasonality is another major concern in the roofing industry. In fact, given the strong demand for roofing projects throughout the year, the possibility of installing in sub-zero temperatures—thus allowing continuous work in many regions of Canada—becomes essential.

Continuing to work during the winter months helps roofers keep workers employed all year, which reduces wait times on projects and increases business and overall customer satisfaction.

Laminated panels help overcome the seasonality challenge in construction, as they allow contractors to complete their projects year round while benefiting from a high-performance product in both hot and cold weather.

Quality assurance

The factory lamination process meets very high quality-assurance requirements and allows SOPREMA to offer multi-ply panels installed in a single application step on the worksite.

SOPRASMART SANDED laminated panels limit the risk of errors during the installation of the various roofing system components. Indeed, the effectiveness of the lamination between each ply is certified thanks to factory production reliability, which gives you peace of mind in terms of quality consistency!

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