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Design for Ecological Harmony:

Bioplanning as a Discipline, a Paradigm for Urban Design

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Design for Ecological Harmony:

  as a discipline, a paradigm for urban design

Supernature Labs explores a new design methodology in urban planning and design, “Bioplanning,” which translates contemporary urbanism, emphasizing ecology and landscape, into imperatives for circular city development models as an extension of the existing central city, or a sustainable ground-up in a green field context.

We currently use up to 50% of our natural resources to build cities that become urban sprawls, degrade our health and quality of life, and generate increasing social alienation, loss of biodiversity, resource scarcity, and economic inequality. It is projected that by 2040, we will double our urban land coverage, and by 2060, we will double our built environment. We must move towards a new nature-inspired model, reinvigorating existing urban centres, allowing cities to expand in harmony with principles of circularity and regeneration, and designing for all life.

Design for Ecological Harmony:


With the participation of subject matter experts in Infrastructure, Human Behaviour, Mobility, Construction Efficiency, Biodiversity, Community, Energy, Environmental Resilience, Climate Resilience, Design, and Anthropology, the studio will investigate key extensive frameworks of Bioplanning, such as:


Refers to a shift from conventional urban grids to an organic and adaptive urban strategy. Bioplanning seeks to refine quantitative urban variables and examine their relationships.


The systems of contemporary urbanism are complicit in the active destruction of local ecosystems and the degradation of mental health, physical well-being, and safety. How can we develop design solutions for a self-sufficient city that actively enhances local ecosystems and promotes conditions conducive to all life?


A modular and regenerative model for a mixed-use neighbourhood designed with nature and community at its centre as a node in a network of surrounding ecosystems.

the event

Sustainability Through Tomorrow

The purpose of the Future of Sustainable Buildings event is to engage in a conversation about today’s challenges relating to building performance and sustainability. This conference will bring together architects, building owners, general contractors, policy-makers, and municipal representatives and help them to have a better understanding of bioplanning, and to deepen their important fundamental knowledge of their own impact on the built environment.

In the era of climate change, the building industry is confronted with major issues:




Hence, our cities represent a great opportunity for effective environmental changes. There is no alternative to sustainable development. Moreover, sustainability is innovation’s new frontier. Now is the time for us to act as game changers by making a difference, accelerating the shift, pushing boundaries, and designing with the future in mind.

As a construction leader, you can make a difference and help to maximize energy efficiency by committing to an integrated design process, investing in energy efficiency early in your building’s lifecycle, striving for higher standards of excellence, and including commissioning in your construction plan.

We need to fight like our world depends on it, because it does. Let’s make our cities healthier, sustainable, resilient, and a better place to live for the generations to come.


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Dror Benshetrit
Founder & Principal

Dror creates ideas as a vehicle for change.

Founder of Studio Dror and Supernature Labs, Dror is a designer, thinker, inventor, and futurist whose ingenuity informs a striking range of impactful, unconventional work. Dror has an award-winning 20+ year career in product design, interiors, architecture, master planning, and city planning. His eponymous NY studio collaborated with top-tier companies and developers around the world, envisioning, researching and developing systems to connect people with nature through the built environment. Dror aims to foster authentic connections and improve people’s well-being with these designs. Some of Dror’s major works include a novel structural support system named Quadror, the master plan of Galataport in Istanbul, Turkey, and the Cappellini Peacock chair.

What is

The approach challenges development to think in terms of multiple scales and generational thinking towards a holistic approach to technology, material science, manufacturing, city infrastructure, inclusive socioeconomics, regenerative environmental strategies, and governance frameworks to envision completely novel paradigms for future cities scenarios and their functions for humanity.

Bioplanning will play a pivotal part in a line of research and publication of Supernature Labs and be highly encouraged to trigger discussions of the historical formation of existing cities and visions for codifying future city design imperatives.


“For SOPREMA, being involved in sustainable development by investing in innovation is a necessity. We must collectively make informed decisions that will contribute to passing on a social, environmental and economic legacy that is respectful of the present and future generations.”

– Richard Voyer, Executive Vice-President and CEO, SOPREMA North America

SOPREMA invites you to engage in conversations about today’s challenges related to building performance and sustainability. We’re looking to strengthen our role in the sustainable building movement. We consistently take the lead towards transparency for eco-friendly materials.

SOPREMA is mainly active in the building sector, an industry with a strong ecological and carbon footprint. From construction to building use, we are convinced that we are able to bring about progress—actual progress to reduce and limit the negative effects that we can collectively have on people’s environment and quality of life. As we become more aware of our role, we recognize the importance of adopting good practices that are synonymous with value creation to move society forward and guarantee the sustainability of our planet.

Our product and system development experts as well as our production specialists are continually working to reduce the impact of raw materials required while optimizing our manufacturing methods.


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