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Floods and heat waves—increased tenfold by global climate change—require reinventing the way we design buildings. Municipalities must now integrate environmental risks into their urban development projects and adapt existing buildings.

Less and Less Permeable Cities

 Rising urbanization and city densification have led to a continuous reduction in permeable surfaces, which disrupts the regulation of rainwater in urban areas. Impervious surfaces, such as roads, parking lots and roofs, cause the accumulation of large amounts of water that cannot be naturally absorbed by the ground.

More and More Extreme Weather

Climate change causes an intensification of rain episodes and a considerable increase in its frequency. The infrastructure in place to manage stormwater runoff is under more pressure than ever before.


Flood risks are worsening—Floods have increased by 300% in Canada since the 1960s.1

Increased pressure on municipal water management systems (sewers) generates additional costs for the community and individuals.

The discharge of untreated water into the environment creates river pollution and a risk to biodiversity.

The Power of Buildings: Towards Better Stormwater Management

The importance of better stormwater management practices is increasingly recognized by our institutions, which are adopting new regulations in this area. Several solutions are available to cities, but what solutions can designers incorporate to make cities more resilient to climate change?

Green, Blue, and Hybrid Roofs

Three Key Actions


Rainfall retention, effective for common rainfall, consists of intercepting rainwater where it falls, directly on the roof, thanks to green (vegetated) roofing. The substrate and the plants absorb and evaporate water naturally. Result: no discharge into sewage networks.


It is possible to regulate the flow of rain to the networks thanks to temporary detention systems which make it possible to gradually discharge rainwater.

Cool down

Roof vegetated systems, thanks to the evapotranspiration of plants and the shade they provide, create small thermal oases. They therefore contribute to reducing the effects of heat islands by participating in climate regulation.


Our SKYWATER® systems have been designed to meet the normative requirements and environmental challenges of the North American climate.


This system offers temporary water retention thanks to the SOPRARETENTIO BOARD, which can be installed on both conventional roofs and protected membrane roofs. 


  • Economical

  • Lightweight

  • Easy to install and maintain


This system allows temporary retention of water by controlling the flow released from the roof using the SOPRAFLOW CONTROL controlled flow drain. Water is retained under the slabs of the deck, thus maximizing the functionality of the roof.


  • Temporary retention of large volumes of water

  • Maintenance of pedestrian access and recreational space on the roof

  • Reduction of the footprint and a potential decrease in the water volume in tanks and retention basins


This system combines both reduction and regulation of the water discharge rate thanks to its vegetated surface and the use of the SOPRARETENTIO BOARD.


  • Higher retention capacity than a green roof alone

  • Ease of installation

  • Increase in the possible diversity of the plant palette

  • Limitation of the need for an irrigation system


This system makes it possible to retain rainwater both in the SOPRANATURE vegetated roof and in the SOPRARETENTIO MODULE, which is located under the vegetated roof. The water discharge rate is also controlled using SOPRAFLOW CONTROL.


  • Higher retention capacity than any system on the market

  • Greater plant diversity possible

  • Multiple flow options during initial setup as needed

  • Compliance with municipal regulations

Looking for More?

Watch our webinar on the role of the roof in stormwater management! Our experts got together to discuss the challenges of stormwater management in urban areas and present solutions that apply from the design stage or to existing buildings.

Check out the comparison table of our SKYWATER roofing systems to select the best one for each of your projects!

How can roofs contribute to stormwater management and why? Learn more about the two fundamentals of urban stormwater management: rainfall retention and flow reduction.

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