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SOPRARETENTIO BOARD is a drainage board with water retention properties made from 100% recycled polyester. SOPRARETENTIO BOARD is used in flat or slope green roofing systems to retain a certain amount of water and channel excess to the water outlets. It can also be used on any roofs or plaza-decks that needs water management or be used as a protection board over the waterproofing membranes. Skywater: recovering the water from our roofs!

  • <p>Made from 100% recycled polyester
  • Dual function: water retention and drainage
  • Easy to install</p>




Vegetative solutions

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Balconies & Plaza Decks


Towards Better Stormwater Management in Urban Areas : The Power of Buildings

Solutions for Better Stormwater Management in Urban Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

The boards are ballasted with a weight that is calculated according to the wind uplift requirements. There should therefore be sufficient weight on the panels so that there is no movement in the system.

The drainage layer at the bottom of the system is designed for that exact purpose. The water flows to drains underneath the green or hybrid roof.

The SOPRARETENTIO BOARD’s targeted function is not capillarity per se. There is a small amount of residual water (out of a maximum of 21.6 L/m2 at full capacity) that gets stored in the polyester blend, but not enough to be used as passive irrigation. It does, however, keep some moisture content in the complete system that provides better retention of water and carbon sequestration from plants.

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