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The SOPRAFLOW CONTROL is designed to regulate the flow of rainwater on flat roofs equipped with SOPRAFLOW ALU aluminum drains. SOPRAFLOW CONTROL is equipped with two adjustable lateral drainage grooves, along with an overflow opening that allows water to be evacuated when its level surpasses the height of the chosen regulator, either 108 mm (4-1/4 in) or 140 mm (5-1/2 in). Skywater: recovering the water from our roofs!





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Towards Better Stormwater Management in Urban Areas : The Power of Buildings

Solutions for Better Stormwater Management in Urban Areas

Frequently Asked Questions

The mineral zones around drain points, as well as the way the system is designed, are there to ensure appropriate flow to drains and prevent ice build-ups. There should be no concern about this if both design and installation are done adequately.

Not necessarily, as it depends on the height of the water retained. A parapet at least 150 mm higher than the finished level of the water management or vegetated system is required.

Yes, it is possible. What will be necessary is to know the exact total volume of water that needs to be retained in the tank, as well as the outflow of water allowed. We can use the SKYWATER Manager calculation tool to assess what type and size of green, blue or hybrid system you would need to attain the same performance. After this is established, the building needs to be able to sustain the weight, and the design process is carried out as it would be in any case.

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