Image Environmental Impact of Extruded Polystyrene

Construction materials have an environmental impact that extends throughout their life cycle—from the extraction of the raw materials used to manufacture them to their end of life. Environmental product declarations (EPDs) show the extent of this environmental impact. EPDs publish the results of a life-cycle analysis according to ISO standards. They are validated by independent third parties, thus ensuring their objectivity. By consulting an EPD, it is possible to know, among other things, the impact of a certain material on global warming. Professionals can therefore use this information, in addition to that already available, to guide them in their selection. In this webinar, we review the information published in the brand-new EPD on SOPRA-XPS insulation, in EPDs on other insulation materials, and even a few waterproofing products. Specific EPDs for SOPREMA products as well as generic EPDs will be used to establish trends regarding materials with the lowest environmental impact. This analysis may set the record straight when it comes to some preconceived ideas.