Improved Transparency for Our SOPRA-XPS Product Line Thanks to Our New EPD

In addition to being the extruded polystyrene insulation that is the most compliant with environmental laws in Canada, SOPRA-XPS now has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) that demonstrates it has the lowest carbon impact of its class on the market. See for yourself by downloading our EPD.


What Is an EPD?

An Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) provides information regarding the impact a product may have on various environmental factors throughout its life cycle.

Why Make Transparent Declarations?

The main purpose of transparent declarations is to facilitate informed decision-making in sustainable construction. Based on the information disclosed by the manufacturer, contractors as well as specifiers can thus better direct their choices towards products that are less harmful to the environment and to people’s health.


Why Choose Our SOPRA-XPS Line?

XPS Insulation with the Highest Recycled Content in Canada

The construction industry exerts increasing pressure on the environment through the consumption of raw materials and the production of residual waste. Being conscious of this problem, we have upgraded our line of SOPRA-XPS insulation to include up to 70%* recycled and recovered content for the entire line!

*The recycled content varies according to the compression range. The global recycled content is made of one part post- and pre-consumer content validated by the firm CT Consultant, and another part which accounts for the manufacturing process value. The specific details of the products covered by this validation can be found in the Recycled Content certificate.


Compliant with New Environmental Regulations

SOPREMA Canada made major changes to the composition of its SOPRA-XPS line of extruded polystyrene insulation in order to exceed new regulatory requirements. This new formula now has a global warming potential of 1!