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Are you looking for conventional roofing insulation that combines thermal performance, reduction of thermal bridges, quick installation and durability?

Our SOPRA-ISO SL and SOPRA-ISO PLUS SL polyisocyanurate insulation panels with shiplap edges are used as thermal insulation in SOPREMA roofing systems. They are designed to exceed the highest market requirements. They are available in thicknesses up to 203 mm (8 in), and they provide increased thermal performance unmatched by other conventional roofing insulation products. In addition, these high-performance panels significantly reduce installation time.


Installation up to twice as fast – One row of panels instead of two

Optimized long-term thermal resistance – Up to R-6.1 per inch (RSI of 1.07 per 25 mm)

Reduction of thermal bridges

Two types of facers: organic reinforced with glass fibers or polymer-coated fiberglass

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Reduce Installation Time by up to 50%

The installation of high-performance panels with shiplap edges, which require a single row, can be carried out almost twice as fast.

Make the Most of Roofing Insulation Thanks to the Optimized Thermal Performance of SOPRA-ISO SL

Unparalleled Long-Term Thermal Resistance

With their higher insulation foam ratio, SOPRA-ISO SL panels are  thicker and more efficient. Their LTTR per inch (25 mm) is higher than that of thinner panels, resulting in a reduced insulation  thickness with superior performance.

Reduction of Thermal Bridges

A study conducted in collaboration with the NRCC1 demonstrated that one row of panels with shiplap edges was more effective than two rows of staggered panels with straight edges in blocking thermal bridging. A panel with shiplap edges provides 3% higher thermal  performance than two with straight edges.

Insulation Thickness Required According to the Roofing Assembly

Total R-Value (RSI) Requirement Two Rows of Staggered Panels With Straight Edges One Row of Panels With Shiplap Edges One Row of Panels With Shiplap Edges and 2-1 SOPRASMART ISO HD*
R-20 (RSI: 3.52) 2 panels of 2 in = 4 in 1 panel of 3.5 in 1 panel of 3.1 in
R-31 (RSI: 5.46) 2 panels of 2.7 in = 5.4 in 1 panel of 5.25 in 1 panel of 5 in
R-35 (RSI: 6.16) 2 panels of 3 in = 6 in 1 panel of 6 in 1 panel of 5.5 in
R-37 (RSI: 6.52) 2 panels of 3.2 in = 6.4 in 1 panel of 6.25 in 1 panel of 5.75 in
R-40 (RSI: 7.04) 2 panels of 3.5 in = 7 in 1 panel of 7 in 1 panel of 6.25 in
R-51 (RSI: 8.98) 2 panels of 4.5 in = 9 in 1 panel of 8.5 in 1 panel of 8 in

*The 2-1 SOPRASMART ISO HD panel provides an R-value of 2.5 (RSI of 0.44).

1 Research conducted by RDH Building Science, the National Research Council Canada (NRC) and SOPREMA Canada published in Construction Canada, September 2018 Edition, Vol. 60, No. 6

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Construction Site in Pictures

Location: Magog

Area: 100,000 ft² 

Product used: SOPRA-ISO SL 3 inches

Photographer: Frédéric Côté

SOPREMA Technical Representative: Dominic Piché