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SOPRA-CELLULOSE insulation is made of more than 80% recycled paper and cardboard. It consists of loose small grey fibers, smooth to touch. SOPRA-CELLULOSE is also odourless and has a low VOC content. It acts as a protective shield to reduce the transmission of heat and sound. Efficient and environmental-friendly, SOPRA-CELLULOSE will reduce energy consumption and improve comfort for a wide range of climatic conditions.
  • High thermal resistance with an R-value of 3.7 per inch
  • Superior flame resistance and exceptional acoustic properties
  • Product compliant with CAN/ULC-S703 standard, offering superior resistance to corrosion, proliferation of mould and insect pests
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Insulation, Soundproofing

Product role

Insulation, Soundproofing

Building Component

Walls, Indoor Applications

Storage instructions

Bags must be stored indoors. On a work site, store in their original, non-perforated packaging and cover the bags with an opaque protective tarp.

SOPRA-CELLULOSE  product line

Accessory Products

Superior Eco-Friendliness.
Superior Insulation.

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R and RSI Value ConverterR and RSI Value Converter

R and RSI Value Calculator

Both R and RSI serve to indicate the extent to which insulator is effective in blocking heat transfer. Use the calculator below to get the conversion.

Cellulose Insulation CalculatorCellulose Insulation Calculator

Cellulose Insulation Calculator

Use this calculator to determine how many bags of thermal insulating cellulose you will need to perform your insulation work.

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