Image Halifax Hospice


Why Was This Project So Impressive?

The construction team of the Halifax Hospice, the very first hospice in the city, put their trust in SOPREMA for the building’s insulation, which was crucial to this project as the occupants are at the terminal stages, thus highly sensitive to cold and humidity. The energy performance of the building is ensured now thanks to our SOPRA-CELLULOSE, an odour-free thermal and acoustic insulation with low VOC content, and SOPRA-SPF 200, a fully monolithic spray-applied polyurethane foam that can be installed in hard-to-reach areas! Moreover, the two products are GREENGUARD Gold certified.

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Project Group

  • Lead Architect: Anne Sinclair
  • General Contractor: Lindsay Construction
  • Applicator: MJM Energy
  • Application: Insulation (walls & ceilings)
  • SOPREMA Representative: Jen Rocca


  • Products : SOPRA-CELLULOSE & SOPRA-SPF 200
  • Accessory products : SOPRA-CELLULOSE strip & SOPRA-CELLULOSE patch
  • Quantity: 1 500 ft² (SOPRA-CELLULOSE), 20 000 ft² (SOPRA-SPF 200)
  • Duration: Fall 2017 to spring 2019
  • Statut: Opened in 2019