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The Canadian construction industry is undergoing significant changes that will improve the overall energy performance of buildings. By 2030, the National Energy Code for Buildings (NECB) will aim to achieve net zero energy consumption for all new buildings in Canada. This means that all new buildings will have to generate at least as much energy as they consume every year.

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SOPREMA Takes the Lead

Since SOPREMA is the manufacturer of several products used in building assemblies, it is very important for us to understand the interaction between materials in order to offer solutions to build better. The energy used to heat or cool a building should not be lost due to poor thermal insulation strategies, significant air leaks, or thermal bridges.

We are proud to present the BUILD BETTER Guide, which introduces SOPREMA’s wall systems.

This guide is intended for professionals involved in the design, implementation and construction of commercial buildings. It will support them in the creation of high-energy buildings meeting the requirements of the NECB.

BUILD BETTER Guide: A Complete Tool

This guide describes exterior wall assemblies that have been tested and approved. These assemblies are divided into two main families, namely exterior continuous insulated wall and hybrid insulated wall. More specifically, this guide indicates the insulation thickness required to meet the NECB requirements (U-value or effective R-value) for each insulation technology offered by SOPREMA. This data was determined through several tests and simulations carried out by Morrison Hershfield.

While exterior continuous insulated walls do not represent a hazard regarding moisture management, the hybrid insulated walls do. In order to offer risk-free thermal and hygrothermal solutions, all hybrid insulated walls proposed in this guide have also been validated using WUFI simulations, which were carried out by UL CLEB.

This guide will help professionals choose the perfect SOPREMA solutions for designing exterior wall assemblies, whether they’re selecting an air barrier, insulation technology or accessory products compatible with other materials