Two SOPREMA Plants Awarded at the Canadian Institute of Steel Construction (CISC-ICCA) Excellence Awards Gala

November 20, 2019

The extruded polystyrene plant in Sherbrooke was named the overall winner in the Industrial Buildings category, while the SBS membrane plant in Woodstock won the award in the Buildings outside Quebec category.

The theme of the 21st edition of this gala was “ACROSS CANADA, WE ARE STEEL”. This is an annual event where the Institute rewards Quebec teams that carry out complex and innovative steel projects that stand out for their durability, uniqueness and originality. Every year, the winners receive a mention of excellence and recognition.

This gala rewards hundreds of professionals and leaders in the construction field who submit their projects. From the 111 entries received this year, 40 finalists were chosen and the jury selected winners in each of 12 categories.

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