Image Drain

Professional builders know all-too well about the many struggles that can accompany the roof installation process—not to mention the problems that can arise when water damage occurs over time. Poor drainage often leads to water ponding, an unwanted situation that can trigger sagging in flat roofs. Water may also settle into cracks and holes, which can spell trouble when the temperature fluctuates, causing that trapped water to freeze and then thaw.

Of course, the dreaded scenario is when trapped water penetrates the roof’s barrier and travels under the surface, eventually making its way into the building. Water seepage will not only cause damage to the interior ceilings and walls, leading to costly and inconvenient repairs, it will also lead to a hike in the building owner’s insurance premiums—which is not a scenario anyone wants.

For these reasons and more, ensuring a building’s roof is waterproof on top of being structurally sound, is a priority that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Considering which products and accessories to invest in up front is the first step toward minimizing potential problems later.

The SOPREMA Drain Series

One series of waterproofing products known for its dependability is the SOPREMA drain —a series that includes drains, vents and cable flashings among other trusted accessories. Made of a flexible SBS-modified bitumen deck flange, these products have exceptional adhesion to SBS base sheet membranes, while contributing to waterproofing of the entire roofing system. Moreover, unlike traditional copper deck flanges, SOPREMA drain accessories have an adhesive underface. They are hence ready-to-use and require no sealant or primer, which helps improve productivity on site.

SOPREMA Drain Series Advantages:

  • Easy and fast installation process
  • Self-adhesive deck flange requiring no sealant or primer
  • Exceptional adhesion
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Products meet CSA B79 standard requirements