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September 6, 2018 - 6 min

If You Are You Looking For Simplicity and Performance, Think SOPRA-SPF

Published by Frédéric Déom

Perfect for irregular surfaces, spray-applied polyurethane foam is versatile and stands the test of time, maintaining its performance throughout the life of the building. SOPRA-SPF is a superior quality product designed for interior or exterior insulation applications whether commercial, industrial or residential.

This two-component polyurethane foam with closed cellular structure is a simple and effective choice thanks to the five following features:

1 - Excellent R-Value

The product has a superior R-value per inch (R-value = 6), according to the LTTR (Long Term Thermal Resistance) value. Thus, a lower thickness is required to achieve the same R-value as other types of insulating material.

2 - Optimal Application

Its adhesion has been tested successfully on most building surfaces, such as masonry, concrete, wood, and gypsum, and on SOPRASEAL membranes and strips. The product formula allows easy adhesion to the complex shapes of a building, without any fasteners. Spray-applied polyurethane foam can also be used for indoor and outdoor applications and will not degrade or settle over time. In addition, because SOPRA-SPF has a very high coverage rate compared to products of the same classification on the market, its installation is simple and requires little handling.

Moreover, when properly installed, spray-applied polyurethane foam can act both as insulation and as an air/vapour barrier.

3 - Energy Efficiency

Air leaks are a frequent problem when it comes to the building envelope. They often arise from uncontrolled air movement through the building envelope and can cause many problems such as condensation, moisture and mould.

The monolithic shape of spray-applied polyurethane foam makes it possible to properly fill the cavities, leaving no gaps in or around the insulation, without any joints. This prevents all uncontrolled air movement through the assembly and avoids energy loss caused by air leaks. As air leaks can represent a high percentage of heating and cooling costs, SOPRA-SPF saves you money. It regulates the indoor temperature of the building in summer and winter.

4 - SCC-Accredited

SOPREMA is the first company that is SCC-accredited for its training without being affiliated to an association. Therefore, quality installation of SOPRA-SPF is ensured, since only installers that are approved and trained according to the ISO 17024 Quality Assurance Program can use SOPRA-SPF. This program certifies polyurethane foam installers in accordance with the CAN/ULC S705 application standard.

5. Contributes to Obtaining LEED Credits

The use of spray-applied polyurethane foam can contribute to obtaining LEED credits. For industry professionals, it means meeting the requirements for sustainable buildings more easily.

Here is the list of credit categories under LEED v3 and LEED v4:

  • Energy and Atmosphere;
  • Innovation and Design Process;
  • Materials and Resources;
  • Indoor Environmental Quality.


Global thinking makes it easier to design, build and operate; a critical approach to making buildings sustainable throughout their life cycle. If you’re knowledgeable about the materials you’re using, as well as their environmental and social benefits, then you can identify what should be prioritized to improve the performance of the entire building.


In addition to all these benefits, it is important to know that SOPREMA is the only North American manufacturer with a team of experts to offer a full range of solutions, in addition to insulation products (sheet and liquid waterproofing and accessories). Therefore, you will find all the solutions and building components you need for your construction projects, as well as a large technical team at your service.

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