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October 5, 2016 - 3 min

A Polyurethane Adhesive That Sticks It To Winter

Published by SOPREMA

With the cold winter months fast approaching, building professionals will be dreading the additional challenges that plummeting temperatures can bring along with them. One common complaint is that normal outdoor adhesives used for insulation boards, cover panels, and thermal barriers can’t effectively do their jobs in those sub-zero weather conditions we’re all too familiar with.

The Construction Adhesives

In Canada, the  unpredictable, damp or cold weather shouldn’t put a halt on progress. That’s why building and renovation professionals are turning to outdoor adhesives that address all the typical winter application problems—ones that have little to no temperature restrictions. Now, imagine an adhesive that does that plus eliminates thermal bridges and involves an easy one-step process that’s fast, clean, and odourless.The name of that adhesive is DUOTACK 365.

The Polyurethane Adhesive DUOTACK 365

DUOTACK 365 is a low-rise, two-component, polyurethane adhesive made for performance and versatility. It can be applied at temperatures as low as -10 °C without conditioning, giving it the widest application window without conditioning on the market. What’s more, DUOTACK adhesives contain no VOCs and cure in minutes.

Adhesives in this line are extremely versatile and can be used to adhere various types of boards on a wide variety of substrates. These substrates include wood, concrete, bituminous vapour barriers with sanded surfaces, multilayer systems, thermal barriers, steel decks, insulation panels, asphaltic panels, and mineral fibres, just to name a few.

They are also sized right for every project. DUOTACK adhesives are available in cartridges, cubitainers, and drums to meet all your on-site needs. A battery-powered applicator and 5 US Gal DUOTACK applicator can be used to apply them.

Main Benefits

  • Elimination of conditioning methods when the outdoor temperature is warmer than -10 °C—the only one of its kind on the market
  • Unlimited storage temperature
  • Easy and quick application to save time and money
  • Superior performance compared to competitive products
  • No VOC—curing in just a few minutes
  • Performance results approved by FM and products tested according to CSA A123.21 Standard

What’s more, DUOTACK 365 is manufactured by SOPREMA, a trusted company that’s been making high-end building materials for the construction industry for more than one hundred years.