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Conditions of use of trademarks and logos


    1.1 By visiting the SOPREMA website or using any SOPREMA product, data source or service that is provided on, from or through the website (collectively referred to as the “Services”), you agree to the terms and conditions (referred to as the “Terms of Use”) and Legal Notes issued by SOPREMA and available at https://www.soprema.ca/legal-notes/. If you do not agree to any of the Terms or Legal Notes, please do not use our Services.


    2.1 The Terms of Use apply to all users of the Services and to all Content. Content includes, without limitation, texts, scripts, graphics, photos, logos, slogans, videos, and other items accessible through the Services.

    2.2 The Services may contain links to third party websites that are neither under the ownership or the control of SOPREMA. In doing so, SOPREMA does not assume any liability for the content, policies, legal notices or practices of any third party website.

    2.3 Therefore, SOPREMA invites you to be careful when you leave the Services and to read the terms and conditions of all third party websites that you visit.


    3.1 The Content of the Services, as well as the trademarks, service marks, and logos present on the Services, are the property of SOPREMA, subject to copyright and intellectual property rights as defined by law.

    3.2 The Content is provided to you as is. You can access it yourself for your personal knowledge and use as provided by the Services and as permitted by the Terms of Use. However, you are strictly prohibited from downloading Content unless there is a download link or similar link provided by SOPREMA on the Services for that Content. You are also prohibited from copying, reproducing, distributing, transmitting, broadcasting, exhibiting, selling, licensing or exploiting in any manner the Content for purposes other than those expressly provided for, and this, without the prior written consent of SOPREMA.

    3.3 You agree not to divert, disable, or influence in any way the security features of the Services or the features that prevent or limit the use or copying of the Content.


    4.1 You agree that any breach or threat of breach of the Terms of Use may cause irreparable harm to the discloser for whom the payment of damages could be an insufficient remedy. Considering the foregoing, and without excluding the other rights and remedies that SOPREMA may have, SOPREMA may request any remedy that a court considers appropriate, including an injunction of any nature to prevent the unauthorized use or disclosure of the Services or the Content.

    4.2 You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless SOPREMA, its parent company, subsidiaries, officers, directors, managers, agents, and employees for and against any damages, liabilities, losses, costs, charges, and fees for any claim, application, judgment, and action arising directly from: (i) your access to or use of the Services; (ii) your violation of any provision of the Terms of Use; (iii) your violation of the rights of a third party or any claim that your use of the Content has caused damages to a third party. This obligation to defend and indemnify extends beyond the Terms of Use and your use of the Services.


    5.1 The Terms of Use, and any rights or licenses they grant, may not be transferred or alienated by you, but may be alienated by SOPREMA without restriction.

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