Concrete Flooring Protection for Every Floor Category

ALSAN flooring products are highly wear-resistant and protect concrete from potentially damaging elements, such as water, abrasives, chemicals, and both thermal and physical shocks.

Learn more about our line of concrete flooring protection products and discover why it is important to protect these types of surfaces.

Discover Why Protecting Concrete is Essential

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Concrete Flooring Protection for Every Floor Category

For industrial and commercial environments and the special finishes they require, SOPREMA’s ALSAN product line provides functional, aesthetic, and heavy-duty solutions – including quartz aggregate, a variety of colours, and decorative flakes.


Discover ALSAN's antibacterial, anti-slip and easy-to-clean flooring products.


Protecting your garage or parking deck will extend its lifetime and prevent its contamination.


Each environment has its own flooring specifications and requirements. Those environments often need high-performance systems, and we’ve got them all!


Many characteristics have been developed to ensure perfect concrete protection while responding to industrial flooring needs.

Benefits of Epoxy

  • Fast curing time
  • No VOC, 100% solids
  • Protection against chemicals and abrasion
  • Non-slip attributes
  • Easy floor maintenance
  • Many different systems depending on your need
  • Five standards colours; colour match on request

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