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May 17, 2017 - 4 min

8 Reasons Why Spray-Applied Polyurethane Foam Is a Clear Choice

Published by SOPREMA

Perfect for irregular surfaces, spray foam insulation is versatile and stands the test of time, maintaining its performance throughout the life of the building.

8 Reasons Why Spray-Applied Polyurethane Foam Insulation Is a Clear Choice

1. Excellent R-Value

The product has a superior R-value per inch (R-value = 6), according to the LTTR (Long Term Thermal Resistance) value. Thus, a lower thickness of the product is required to achieve the same R-value as other types of insulating material. 

2. Reduction of Air Leakage

Air leaks are a common problem of building envelopes. They are mostly due to uncontrolled air movement through the building envelope. Air leakage can lead to many problems:

  • Condensation
  • Humidity
  • Mildew
  • Lower air quality inside the building


With regard to condensation, warm air can hold more water vapour than cold air. When hot air is cooled, the percentage of relative humidity increases and may reach a saturation level, called the dew point. At this level, if the air cools even further, the steam surplus that cannot be contained in the air turns into water droplets, forming condensation.

The monolithic shape of SOPRA-SPF correctly fills the cavities, leaving no voids in the insulation or around it, and without any joints. This prevents any uncontrolled movement of air through the assemblies.

3. Energy Efficiency

Energy losses caused by air leaks from a poorly insulated building can represent a high percentage of heating and cooling costs. Both in summer and winter, spray foam insulation helps regulate the inside building temperature.

4. Product Meets CAN/ULC-S705.1

This standard ensures that products have been tested and fulfill or exceed requirements. The customer therefore knows they are working with a high-quality product. 

5. Meets CAN/ULC-S705.2

Spray-applied polyurethane foam is controlled by a standard for its installation (CAN/ULC-S705.2); installers must be trained and certified to install the foam. They receive a picture identification card, which is renewable annually but can also be revoked or suspended at any time.

6. Optimal Application Over the Entire Surface

The product formula allows an easy adherence on the complex shapes of a building without any fasteners. Spray-applied polyurethane foam can also be used for indoor and outdoor applications. Moreover, the foam will not deteriorate or settle over time.

7. Two Products in One

When properly installed, SOPRA-SPF can act both as an insulation and an air/vapour barrier.

8. Can Contribute to Obtaining Leed Credits

The use of spray polyurethane can contribute to obtaining LEED credits. Here is the list of credit categories under LEED v3 and LEED v4:

  • Energy and Atmosphere
  • Innovation and Design Process
  • Materials and Resources
  • Indoor Environmental Quality