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August 1, 2016 - 3 min

Why Architects Value Insulating Tapered so Much for Their Commercial Roofing Projects?

Published by Francis Amireault

When the time comes to think of the roofing of a new building or to make changes to an existing roof, it is important to address the issue of the tapered. Whether structural or made of tapered insulation, the tapered will ensure adequate water drainage and thus prevent the risks associated with ponding water. This article will help you understand why the insulating tapered are so much appreciated in the market.

They Are Ideal for Both Renovated Structures and New Construction

Much more versatile than a structural tapered, an insulating tapered is the ultimate comprehensive solution. It can be installed on both new and existing structures.

For new buildings, it can be used as a counter-tapered to redirect water or as full-surface insulation. If some changes are required after the completion of the structure (such as moving drains or mechanical units), or if it’s not possible to build drains on low structural points, we can complete the work afterwards. The flexibility and availability of materials enable us to react quickly.

They Are Economic in Time and Money

In terms of reroofing, the same options are offered. Tapered insulation is an economical solution that can add a positive tapered to old structures that usually did not include tapered insulation. For resurfacing, we can add or correct a roof whose tapered has collapsed over time without having to change or completely remove the roofing system already in place. Where legally required, owners making improvements to their buildings must ensure that the new roofing system will comply with existing regulations. Please note that SOPREMA requires a final tapered of 1% minimum in order to apply our PLATINUM warranty.


For all these reasons, the insulating tapered is definitely the right choice when the time comes to build or improve a roof tapered. The insulation tapered are then a versatile and complete solution.

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