Join Our TRUFILL Training Program and Become a Certified Installer!

Register for SOPREMA’s exclusive TRUFILL training to learn about the proper cellulose installation techniques for walls, floors, ceilings, and attics. You will become an expert thanks to this more practical than theoretical training, which will help you discover equipment and accessories that maximize the performance of cellulose.

How to Register

To register for a training session, contact your SOPREMA representative.

Out of season, we accept groups of five people or more!

Here is what is included in the training course

  • Interactive training with presentations, demonstrations and workshops with SOPREMA experts
  • An opportunity to view, manipulate and test state-of-the-art installation equipment
  • Morning snack and lunch
  • TRUFILL starter kit (worth over $100)
  • Two site visits from a technical expert
  • Access to the purchase of TRUFILL equipment and accessories
  • Certification card
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Training duration

Approximately 6 hours (includes lunch)

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SOPREMA Training Centre

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*Price per participant (taxes not included). Cost is subject to change without notice.


The TRUFILL nozzle, a SOPREMA-exclusive innovation, allows for the injection of cellulose fibre in all directions to completely fill the cavity to be insulated. The high density of the cellulose limits air infiltration. You therefore get the best use of cellulose while providing the occupants with optimal comfort.

Why Use It?

  • No settling thanks to homogeneous density throughout the cavity.
  • Installation in less than one minute per cavity.
  • Maximization of the energy performance of the building.
  • Exceptional soundproofing properties.
  • Perfect for new construction and renovation projects.
  • Training specified by architects.

Why Ask for a Certified Installer?

Are you an architect? Here’s why you want to ask for a certified installer!

Guarantee that the work is performed according to SOPREMA standards.

Installation of cellulose in walls at optimum density to prevent settling.

Optimized application thanks to high-performance equipment exclusive to SOPREMA.

Maximization of the energy performance of the building.

Standardization of the cellulose installation.

Use Our SOPRA-CELLULOSE for Optimal Results!

SOPRA-CELLULOSE is made from 85% recycled newspapers. It acts as a shield that reduces the transmission of heat and noise. Efficient and environmentally friendly, SOPRA-CELLULOSE reduces energy consumption and improves indoor comfort in a variety of climates.

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