Use Focused

On Sustainable Solutions

Our teams in charge of developing and monitoring product performance during their period of use must meet the needs of construction professionals while facing related environmental, social and economic challenges. To achieve this, they are encouraged to create and diversify sustainable solutions in order to develop sustainable buildings.  

Sustainable solutions mean increasing the following

  • The useful life of buildings;
  • The overall performance of buildings;
  • The building resilience;
  • The health and comfort of the occupants;
  • The expertise on building science.

Sustainable Solutions Guide

To better pinpoint the contribution of our products in relation to environmental protection issues, the fight against climate change, and improvement of human health and well-being, we have created our very first guide to sustainable solutions. This guide will be updated periodically as progress is made.

Green Building Certifications

There are several certifications that promote building sustainability in Canada, such as LEED® and WELL® to name a few. In general, these certifications help to ensure the sustainability of a building in relation to the issues they address.

Depending on the number of credits obtained, the designation ‟Certified”, ‟Silver”, ‟Gold” or ‟Platinum” will be assigned. The higher the level, the greater the sustainability of the project. 


More than 117 SOPREMA products can contribute to obtaining points or credits for LEED v4 and v4.1 certifications.


More than 104 SOPREMA products can contribute to obtaining points or credits for WELL v2 certification.

Education for Professionals

For several years, we have been sharing knowledge to enrich the construction industry by organizing webinars, Lunch & Learns, and technical demonstrations in different regions.

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