SOPREMA'S highlights in sustainable development

Conscious of our role, we recognize the importance of improving our practices so that we can contribute to passing on a social, environmental and economic legacy that is mindful of the present and future generations.

141 products covered, including 101 available in Canada

In October 2017, SOPREMA began its transparency process with the publication of four environmental product declarations (EPD), eight eco-declarations validated by a third party, and ten Health Product Declarations™ (HPD). A total of 141 products were chosen to meet the new LEED® v4 requirements.


The purpose of the EPD is to provide information on the impact a product may have on various aspects of the environment. With lifecycle analysis (LCA) as a methodology, it allows the evaluation of a product at all stages of its life.


The HPD aims to communicate information about the effects a product may have on the health of individuals. The approach generates accurate, reliable and consistent reports on product content and associated health information.

Eco-declaration validated by a third party

Third-party validated eco-declarations provide a detailed description of the environmental properties of a product. The composition and other specific characteristics are presented to disclose the environmental performance of the product.

Responsible infrastructure

Seeking to improve its production practises, SOPREMA is banking on the future by investing heavily in sustainable infrastructure. The expansion of the sheet product plant (2017) and the construction of the polyisocyanurate plant (2015) and XPS plant (2018) are some of the investments made.

Usine XPS de SOPREMA à Sherbrooke

A polyisocyanurate plant awaiting LEED® accredidation

In operation since 2015, the polyisocyanurate insulation board production plant impresses with the quality of its architecture. Incorporating many sustainable building concepts, it is also pending LEED accreditation®.

Energy efficiency

Multiple energy efficiency measures have been tested for this project, thus reinforcing our standards regarding facility design. One of our new internal requirements, a thermographic and infiltrometry study has been carried out to ensure the building’s waterproofing.

Energy recovery

With the same perspective, a heat recovery system has also been integrated, where 99% of the heat emitted is filtered and redistributed to the other sections of the building. An imposing 4,000 ft2 solar wall has also been added as exterior cladding to complement the building’s heating system.


A more natural sheet product plant

The $3.5M, 719 m2 expansion includes addition to the existing building of a new laboratory, cafeteria, meeting rooms, cloakrooms, areas for relaxation, and offices.

Quality architecture

In addition to enhancing the aesthetics of the existing building, the expansion improves the work and relaxation environments of employees. Natural elements such as the sunlight as well as living materials such as a wooden structure are the main features of this project.

Reducing the footprint

Sourced from biomass and considered a renewable resource, a wooden structure is a perfectly logical choice to integrate into the existing structure in order to reduce the ecological and carbon footprints of the building.


An XPS plant featuring impressive advancements

Inaugurated in September 2018 in Sherbrooke, the new extruded polystyrene insulation panel production plant shines with the quality of its manufacturing installations and processes.

Employee well-being

Our highly ergonomic production line, numerous windows and the addition of phytotechnologies, such as the green wall in the relaxation room, are some examples of initiatives dedicated to ensuring a quality work environment for employees.

Industrial ecology

In line with industrial ecology, we have a zero-waste target in mind with the systematic recovery of residues and the optimization of manufacturing processes. This intelligent use of resources shows how SOPREMA seeks to reduce its consumption and protect the environment.

Education and training

At SOPREMA, we are committed to ensuring access to knowledge while promoting training and skills development. For us, it is important to help stimulate innovation and the creation of collective wealth so as to generate a commitment to sustainable development and further the excellence of the construction industry.

Éducation et formation


For several years, SOPREMA has been committed to sharing knowledge and developing the construction industry by organizing webinars, Lunch & Learn presentations and technical demonstrations in different regions.


In addition to providing outstanding technical support and customer service, SOPREMA is devoted to training construction workers specialized in waterproofing. More than 1,000 installers per year receive training at one of the company’s eight training centres in Canada.


Our experts make it a point to share their technical knowledge with architects and consultants at science, sustainable development, technology and innovation events. They are also invited to give lectures at international construction conferences.

Student scholarship

We are proud to contribute to the future of the next generation by giving the Leaders of Tomorrow Award to architectural students from all across Canada. Our choice to be involved in learning is conveyed by this scholarship, and also by our participation in Instantanés d’architecture, which are conferences given to students throughout their school career.


We are particularly committed to supporting education, as it is one of the fundamental pillars for building a better society. That’s why it is one of major sectors where we offer sponsorships.


In order to help in the training of the next generation, each year, SOPREMA hires about twenty trainees from various professional backgrounds, including Human Resources, Engineering, Research and Development, Administration, Marketing, and IT.

Becoming the reference in sustainable solutions

In order to remain the reference for the various stakeholders of the construction and building sectors, SOPREMA must constantly go beyond the quality-price ratio by offering solutions adapted to the realities of the environment and contributing to sustainable development.

Référence en solutions durables


Marketed since 1998, SOPRANATURE systems can be part of greening strategies and significantly improve the quality of urban living environments.


SOPRA-CELLULOSE is our eco-friendly flagship product. It is thermal and acoustic insulation composed of 85% recycled newspapers and 15% fireproofing minerals.


A new addition on the market, SOPRA-XPS is recognized for its great durability. It maintains its thermal and mechanical performance during the entire life of the building.


Offered through our warranty programs, most of our roofing membranes are easy to resurface, thus extending the service life of the waterproofing system.

Reflective surfaces

Many of our roofing membranes are composed of highly reflective granules, which greatly reduce the heat island effect.


The soundproofing systems we offer are recognized for their performance and contribution to increasing acoustic comfort in the building.

Innovation at the heart of research and sustainable development

Driving progress by focusing on innovation is part of SOPREMA’s DNA. Our laboratory researchers and various production teams are constantly striving to optimize our processes and improve our practices.


Reducing fossil-based materials

Aware of the role we have in reducing the construction industry’s footprint, our R&D teams are collaborating on various projects to reduce the amount of fossil-based raw materials used in our products.

Increasing the use of natural materials

Recyclable, renewable or even bio-sourced raw materials are preferred in the creation or development of products.

Improving installation

Progress also includes product development that facilitates safe and efficient application for installers. Tools are developed to meet those worker expectations.

Contribution to research projects

Innovation at SOPREMA also involves active participation in the development of new industry standards, collaboration on numerous research projects affiliated with universities, and major contributions to the sharing of knowledge to improve the construction industry.

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