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Because We Must Think about the Future and Be the Progress

“For SOPREMA, being involved in sustainable development by investing in innovation is a necessity. We must collectively make informed decisions that will contribute to passing on a social, environmental and economic legacy that is respectful of the present and future generations.”

Richard Voyer



SOPREMA is mainly active in the building sector, an industry with a strong ecological and carbon footprint. From construction to building use, we are convinced of our ability to bring about progress—actual progress to reduce and limit the negative effects that we can collectively have on people’s environment and quality of life. As we are aware of our role, we recognize the importance of adopting good practices that are synonymous with value creation to move society forward and guarantee the sustainability of our planet.


Our product and system development experts as well as our production specialists are working continually to reduce the quantity of raw materials required while optimizing our manufacturing methods. Our polyisocyanurate insulation plant in Drummondville, now in the process of achieving a LEED® Gold certification, is a testament of our commitment to reduce our environmental footprint. Our most significant achievements are those aimed at reducing use. Here are some examples:

Optimization of our production lines

• Reduction in raw material use
• Reduction in waste volume
• Valorization of waste
• Replacement of propane forklifts with electrical models

Optimization of our installation

• Completion of thermography and infiltrometric studies
• Installation of heat recovery systems
• Installation of a solar wall
• Installations of roofing components for carbon sequestration (integration of wooden materials)
• Optimization of lighting systems
• Replacement with low-power technologies


Whether for creating quality jobs in several North American regions or reducing the distance traveled to meet the needs of the industry, the positive impact of SOPREMA’s sustainable solutions depends mainly on the reduction of the ecological and carbon footprint generated by the construction and operation of a building.


For Sustainable Construction

By focusing on the quality and durability of our products, our solutions can extend the life of buildings. For example, if the right choices have been made as early as the building design phase, resurfacing of the roof membrane will be done when it reaches the end of its life. This reduces the transportation of construction waste to landfill sites while decreasing the need for new materials at the source. We constantly encourage our customers to choose this type of solution.

For Sustainable Buildings

Besides contributing to the valorization of the built heritage, SOPREMA’s solutions improve the energy efficiency of the building and the quality of life of its occupants. Here are some examples of additional benefits that make our solutions more sustainable:

• Improvement of thermal resistance
• Improvement of flame resistance
• Reduction of raw material use
• Improvement of acoustics


For Increased Urban Resilience

Sustainable solutions, such as SOPRANATURE, are at the core of our social and environmental contribution at the global, building and individual levels. Offering a variety of benefits that go far beyond their aesthetics, they increase urban resilience. Here are some examples of benefits:

• Mitigation of heat island effects
• Increased biodiversity in urban areas
• Improvement of air quality
• Optimization of stormwater management

For increased building resilience

Our XPRESS and SOPRABASE panels as well as our SOPRA-CELLULOSE insulating products also offer benefits that increase the building resilience:

• Reuse of recycled or biosourced materials
• Increased resistance to corrosion and moisture
• Increased resistance to moulds and pests

Obviously, these solutions go hand in hand with creating richness for living environments. Other products such as SOPRASTAR reflective membranes also offer benefits:

• Mitigation of heat island effects
• Reduction of heat absorption in the roof system


At SOPREMA, sharing our knowledge and expertise is a desire based on a twofold perspective: on one hand, to consider concerns related to professional qualifications, and on the other hand, to optimize the service and the level of service provision provided by building professionals.

To drive learning

To do this, we focus our efforts on collaborative research projects, training programs and ongoing expert support given to industry stakeholders.

• 8 training centres
• 60 technicians and technical representatives
• Conferences and webinars
• Collaborative research projects with industrial partners, colleges, and universities


For continuing support to LEED projects

SOPREMA is a partner of choice in the completion of construction or renovation projects aimed at being recognized by the Leadership Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) assessment system. We understand sustainability in buildings, so we offer our know-how and products to facilitate LEED® credits® acquisition.


SOPREMA’s efforts in sustainable development are not new. We adhere to several certifications recognized nationally and internationally.

See our corporate policy

ISO 14 001

SOPREMA was the first company in its industry to obtain an ISO 14001 certification in January 1997 to improve its environmental management system. To meet the requirements of this standard, we implemented an environment policy that we carefully follow. In addition to monitoring impacts and measuring environmental risks, we established contingency plans.

ISO 9 001

It is essential for SOPREMA to adhere to the ISO 9001 standard, as offering products and services of excellent quality is its main goal. Known for our great expert and personal support, we want to continue to meet our customers’ needs while respecting the applicable regulatory requirements. To do so, we continually assess our methods to increase satisfaction and limit the risk of failure.


OHSAS 18 001

Ensuring a safe, healthy workplace is a priority. That is why we adhere to the OHSAS 18001 standard to identify and manage occupational health and safety risks. The analysis of operational management, emergency preparedness, and risks and hazards identification planning are key requirements that we must satisfy.


BNQ 9700-800

Also known as an “Entreprise en santé”, adhesion to this standard has been natural, as prevention, promotion of healthy lifestyles for its employees, and adoption of organizational practices contributing to health in the workplace are some of our concerns.


Every material manufacturer has a duty to consider the impacts of its products on nature and human health, from their manufacture to their destruction. That is why SOPREMA decided to adopt a transparent approach. Despite the risks that information disclosure poses to our business competition-wise, we nevertheless publicly share this information in order to address the concerns of our stakeholders.

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