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SOPREMA Canada Now Recommends Flameless Solutions for SBS Base Sheets

News 22 June 2020

With the constant aim of raising the standards of the industry, SOPREMA Canada is announcing that flameless solutions for roofs will be promoted and recommended from now on, to outperform today’s stringent building requirements.

Moving forward, not only will SOPREMA Canada continue to advise against torching base sheets directly on combustible substrates in its assemblies, but takes one step further by recommending flameless solution assemblies from the deck up to the base sheet membrane on all types of structures.

“It’s been a while now since we decided to take part in this trend towards flameless solutions in the industry. Moreover, the unprecedented circumstances we are experiencing today can only validate the significance of this transition. As an essential and innovative player in the roofing sector, we care deeply about improving building construction and standards in our industry,” said Richard Voyer, Vice-President and CEO of SOPREMA North America.

Flameless solutions for roofs are far from new on the market and SOPREMA Canada has a long-standing expertise in the development of these products. The technology has evolved considerably in recent years and SOPREMA’s product offering and solutions have vastly increased and diversified. In fact, SOPREMA Canada has the most comprehensive range of flameless products and assemblies for all types of roofing on the market, whether for conventional roof systems with factory laminated panels, protected membrane roof (PMR) assemblies, or SBS-modified bitumen and PMMA membranes.

Not only are flameless roofing membranes high performance products, they are safer for workers and the environment. Moreover, they are just as quick to install as other solutions on the market, covered by the same warranties, tested to CSA A123.21, cost-effective and can be adapted for all building types and extreme weather conditions. They can be applied using a variety of methods and they represent no disruption to the building’s operations: they involve no flame, no fastening, no odours and low levels of VOCs.

The industry is changing and SOPREMA Canada will continue to actively contribute to its transformation through education and promotion, and will help transform the future of roofing as we know it.

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