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November 25, 2016 - 2 min

SOPRASEAL STICK VP: An Innovative Vapour Permeable Air Barrier That Has Proven Itself

Published by SOPREMA

The SOPRASEAL STICK VP self-adhesive vapor permeable air barrier membrane surpasses the products available in the market on several aspects. This article lists 6 reasons that will make you adopt the SOPRASEAL STICK VP compared to its main competitors.

#1. Optimum Permeability

SOPRASEAL STICK VP shows ideal performance in terms of water vapour transmission with its optimum permeability (17 perm [ASTM E96-B] and 11 perm [ASTM E96-A]).

Find out how by reading this article addressing the drying of walls, among other issues.

#2. Unbeatable adherence

An effective permeable air barrier must adhere easily to most construction surfaces. The SOPRASEAL STICK VP membrane meets and EXCEEDS this basic criterion with the highest adherence values in the industry.

#3. No Primer Needed

SOPRASEAL STICK VP reaches the highest adherence values without even using primer. Indeed, it was the first permeable membrane on the market that doesn’t require the use of a primer.

#4. Resistance to UV rays

The product can be left exposed to UV light up to 180 days.

#5. Valued for Years

The product has been receiving high praise since its introduction on the market just a few years ago. On the one hand, it is appreciated because of its superior performance and several benefits and, on the other hand, for its fast and easy installation.

#6. The SOPREMA Experience

Waterproofing of buildings has been our speciality since the company was established in 1908. In Canada, SOPREMA has more than 600 employees in 7 manufacturing factories, 10 sales offices in all 10 provinces, and its North American research and development centre. Our technical support is one of our greatest strengths!

No primer required
Better adhesive properties than competitive products
UV exposure up to 180 days