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When it comes to the protection of buildings, the roof is the first line of defence against severe weather, and there are few weather events more devastating to a roofing system than hailstorms. In recent years, they have become more frequent and severe across the country. As the quintessentially Canadian atmospheric peril, hail presents a risk in all provinces, but disproportionately impacts Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Canada’s infamous “Hailstorm Alley” runs through south-central Alberta, from Calgary through Red Deer to Edmonton[1]. On average, the Prairies receive approximately 130 severe hail events per year[2].

According to Environment Canada, the severe thunderstorm warning criteria for hail is when hailstones of 20 mm in diameter or greater (nickel-sized or larger) are expected[3].

The degree of damage to properties, however, varies according to the individual hailstone size, shape and density, the duration of the hailstorm, the concentration of hailstones, and the accompanying wind speed and direction. Depending on these factors and the type of property at risk under consideration, the types of damage from hail could be cracks, tearing, spatter marks, dents, or cap sheet membrane damage[4].

Severe Hail = Nickel-Sized Hailstones or Larger

Roof systems need to be designed and installed with resilience in mind.

Did you know that the Calgary hailstorm on June 13, 2020, caused the filing of approximately 70,000 claims and over $1.2 billion in insured damage, thus eclipsing the $400 million hailstorm event 10 years prior? It was the fourth costliest natural disaster in Canada[5]!


When it comes to roof assemblies with severe hail rating, SOPREMA offers a wide range of solutions.


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Did you know that in 2019, Environment Canada reported that hailstones larger than 100 millimetres (four inches) in diameter (grapefruit-sized) fell around Spruce Grove, Alberta, while wind gusts topped 70 km/h (43 mph) west of Edmonton[6].


Did you know that the City of Calgary recently announced the implementation of a program to help Calgarians pay to repair their roofs with more resilient materials?

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