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March 6, 2021 - 8 min

The SENTINEL PVC Line: 8 Premium Criteria

Published by Frédéric Déom


SOPREMA’s products: renowned quality and proven durability through decades of exposure to various conditions all over the world. For over 50 years, the company has been producing flexible high-performance PVC membranes for roofs around the globe. Here is an overview of the main benefits of using SENTINEL membranes for your next project. 

1. Unparalleled Durability

SENTINEL PVC membranes are designed to provide minimum (not nominal) tolerances, which represent a total thickness of 60 mils (in the case of a 60-mil membrane) including a guaranteed thickness of 30 mils above the reinforcement.

A nominal thickness means that it is “not matching the exact dimension, but falling within an allowed range

It should be understood that the ASTM D4434 standard allows 10% variation in the actual thickness compared with the declared thickness. Thus, the total thickness of a membrane of 54 mils can still be displayed as 60 mils. Here is an example:

SENTINEL PVC membrane (minimum thickness of 60 mils)      

Competitor PVC membrane (minimum thickness of 54 mils)

SENTINEL PVC membranes have a guaranteed declared thickness. In the case of a 60-mil membrane (SENTINEL P150), a minimum of 30 mils is located above the reinforcement. For a membrane with a nominal thickness of 60 mils, only a thickness of 54 mils can be above the reinforcement. This is a 25% difference in the top layer. This difference provides better durability, weather resistance and peace of mind that benefit everyone.

2. Superior Robustness

SENTINEL PVC membranes are supplied with a high-performance, capillary-proof polyester reinforcement designed to provide superior tear and puncture resistance as well as unparalleled long-term performance.

Improved reinforcement of SENTINEL PVC membranes

Typical reinforcement of competitor’s PVC membranes

The improved woven polyester reinforcement of SENTINEL membranes features diagonal crosslinked fasteners – MD and XMD fibres. This configuration improves dimensional stability as well as tear resistance, and offers better tensile and puncture resilience, which translates into better wind uplift resistance.

3. Waterproofing Without Compromise

Unlike many other PVC membranes on the market, the SENTINEL line is made with 100% virgin PVC and does not contain any recycled PVC from external sources. Indeed, some competitor’s membranes have a hybrid composition that is an upper layer of virgin PVC and a lower layer of recycled PVC from external sources to reduce production costs. Unfortunately, this way of doing things can compromise waterproofing by impacting the quality of the welding at the joints, since two different grades of PVC are welded.

The most crucial aspect of the reliability of a single-ply roof is the tightness of the joints.

A virgin composition optimizes the quality of the welding, as it is done with two identical PVC grades. This allows unparalleled weldability at the most critical junctions, such as overlaps.

Additionally, hot air welded joints, like those of PVC membranes, are uniform and as strong as the membrane itself, unlike other single-ply roofing technologies that use adhesive tapes

Quality welding

4. Easy Installation

Installation on complex shapes

SENTINEL PVC membranes are versatile can be installed in several ways: mechanically fastened, fully adhered, or induction welded. Thanks to their flexibility, they can be installed on the most complex shapes, whether they are low or steep slopes.

In addition, they can be easily welded in many ambient conditions over a wide temperature range, which is not the case with other single-ply technologies. Thanks to their excellent flexibility, they are perfectly suited for detail work such as flashings and parapets.

5. Outstanding Reflectance

With a solar reflectance index (SRI) of up to 110, the SENTINEL line offers outstanding reflective properties, far ahead of other roofing membrane technologies. They meet the requirements of the Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) for white reflective membranes that promote building cooling, reduce energy consumption, and mitigate the urban heat island effect.

PVC membrane installation

6. Neat Aesthetics

A PVC roof can provide a neat finish for all types of projects. SENTINEL membranes are available in several standard colours (white, grey, and beige), and custom colours.

In addition, thanks to SENTINEL PVC PROFILE BARS – flexible, extruded PVC bars – it is possible to make a PVC roof look like a standing seam metal roof for a fraction of the cost of a standard metal roof.

PVC roof – SENTINEL P150 membrane with profile bars

7. Fire Resistance

SENTINEL PVC membranes provide reliable protection against fire and chemicals. In fact, PVC is naturally fire resistant and will extinguish automatically. This is due to its inherently fire-resistant composition compared with other synthetic technologies where a significant amount of “filler” is added to meet North American standards. Finally, the SENTINEL line is ULC certified.

8. SOPREMA’s Service and Expertise

For more than 100 years, SOPREMA has put its expertise and its sense of innovation at the service of builders. Every year, thousands of construction professionals choose SOPREMA for its complete product offering, its concern for quality and, above all, for its convivial service.

In terms of support throughout the construction project or for the inspection and maintenance of the building, you will enjoy peace of mind thanks to support that matches your ambitions.

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