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November 17, 2020 - 2 min

Products Made by Canadians, For Canadians

Published by SOPREMA

Discover the 10 benefits of doing business with a company located in Canada.

  1. We support the local economy since we employ more than 800 people from our communities. Over the last three years, our new employee hiring rate has increased by an average of 9%.
  2. We provide rapid supply services thanks to our 11 insulation and waterproofing plants strategically located across Canada, including one in Chilliwack (BC) with more than 40 employees.
  3. All profits made in Canada are reinvested in Canada.
  4. Remarkable growth: Since our establishment in Canada in 1978, we have built or acquired 11 plants, including 6 in the past five years. The last 3 facilities we built were a polyisocyanurate insulation plant located in Drummondville (2015), an XPS insulation plant in Sherbrooke (2018), and a waterproofing membrane plant in Ontario (2020).

    Moreover, SOPREMA has acquired the largest distributor of building materials in Canada (2012), in addition to purchasing a cellulose insulation company in Sainte-Julie (2016) as well as a company that makes pre-laminated roof panels in New Brunswick (2017).
  1. Shipping from within Canada ensures efficient delivery and reduced logistics costs, along with guaranteed independence and peace of mind in the face of unexpected border hassles and the currency exchange.
  2. Doing business with SOPREMA also promotes the reduction of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from transportation. For instance, a truck leaving from a plant located in Chilliwack delivering waterproofing membranes in Vancouver produces approximately 97% less greenhouse gas than a truck from a plant located in Southern USA delivering to the same place.
  3. We provide quick and comprehensive service onsite with more than 70 field technicians and technical representatives in 11 Canadian sales offices. SOPREMA has at least one sales office in every province in Canada.
  4. We offer responsive customer service across Canada.
  5. SOPREMA hosts more than 1,500 training courses for installers every year across the country.
  1. SOPREMA employees are very active in their communities all across Canada, whether by serving Christmas lunches to families in need, organizing golf tournaments for the benefit of a palliative care home, or collecting food for the needy. We have also established scholarships to reward and support the efforts and exceptional talent of graduates of various architectural programs at Canada universities.